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Rowenta DW2090 Iron

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Really a Great Iron! I am pleased I purchased it


I purchased this iron about 6 months ago when I got very frustrated with my cheap iron. I have been very pleased with it. I Love the retractable cord as well as the base it goes into as the iron stands solid on the counter. Unfortunately, the cord doesn't always retract perfectly, and at times I have to retract it several times to make it go in all the way. This has been a minor inconvenience when compared with having the cord wrapped around the iron. This is a heavy iron with an auto shut off and a self cleaning feature. I always use bottled water so I haven't had to use the cleaning feature yet. It takes a little longer for the steam to heat up but then steams very well. It also works very well without steam. The auto shut off works a little too well as it will shut itself off rather quickly. It also starts again as soon as you move it. I haven't used the spray steam feature as I generally just turn the steam on and it works well enough I don't need to extra spray areas. I have noticed that the iron cools down fairly quickly so I feel this is an added feature having little children around. Overall it is an iron I have recommended to several people because I feel it is a great iron.




Rowenta DW2090 Iron

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