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DA 1560
Rowenta DA1560 Classic 1000-Watt Compact Iron

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Don't waste your money


Starts failing after approx. 6 months use Performance Stops steaming after approx., 6 months. Handle collapses, will not stay upright, after multiple uses Safety Handle will collapse unexpectedly when in use smashing and brusing your fingers. Durability Useless after multiple uses Design Rowenta needs to find out why the handle collapses and change the design!!!



Excellent overall iron that happens to come compact.


I have used my compact Rowenta for almost 7 years now, at least 3-4 times a week. I mainly use this compact Rowenta while sewing, quilting, and for art crafts outside of my home. I have another Rowenta (standard size--which I LOVE!) that I use at home for heavy ironing/pressing and leave my compact Rowenta in my sewing machine carrier. Witnessing other seamstresses/quilters/crafters using other compact irons I can honestly say my Rowenta outshines everytime! In fact, others have used my compact Rowenta instead of the quilt store standard size irons because of the constant performance and consistent heat and steam. The heating levels work great for all types of fabric too. The ease in storage is excellent because the handle folds down so the whole iron is very compact. I have never had any leakage or any other problems associated with irons or compact irons. I cannot say enough good things about this iron! Excellent tool for all users! Performance Consistently performs excellently for all fabric types, whether with or without steam. Although I use it only 3-4 days a week, that usage is heavy for the 5-7 hours it is used during those sewing/quilting times, and used by other sewing/quilting/crafting ladies, not just myself. Performs fantastically. Safety No safety issues with this compact iron. I have never had any leakage from the water (for steam ironing), no electrical issues, and no issues with storage after usage. Ease of Cleaning Very easy to clean and maintain. Ease of Use The compact size of this Rowenta is perfect for me while I deal with constant disability issues. I would highly recommend it for young people too. I do have full use of my right hand, wrist, and arm, dealing with constant pain and lack of strength. I also have arthritis in both hands now, and chronic muscle spasms in neck, shoulders, arms, and back. The compact, light-weight size of this Rowenta is perfect for someone like me! Extremely easy to use and to store. Durability Very durable. Feels sturdy and not flimsy like a compact item might otherwise be made. Because of the sturdiness of this iron, I never have any concern about storage or usage. Excellent quality compact iron. Design Nice and sleek design, with a wonderful handle that you click a button in order to have the handle move into an even-more compact size/shape for storage. The design is excellent too for the shape of my hands (small) but can also be used easily by other ladies who have larger hands. To me the design seems sleek and even like of SEXY. Don't know why, but it does.

Portland, OR


This is the new, amazing iron.


Wow!!! What an amazing device! I tried it on my shirt that was so wrinkled, OH MAN! Wow it got pretty much all those wrinkles out! I've never such a thing to get so many wrinkles out. Performance Like i said it got pretty much all of my wrinkles out. AMAZING!! Safety Just as long as your safe with it, it is perfect. Ease of Cleaning Got all my wrinkles out!! Ease of Use It slided right across. And never got stuck, just smoothed all those wrinkes. Durability Awesome. Design Oh my i love the purple color.

Wyoming, MI


The iron was satisfactory once it heated up.


I borrowed one of these from a relative and thought it would be great. It took a while to heat up and the steam feature wasn't very good. But it did get the job done after it heated up. The storage factor was great. I am sure traveling with this iron would be great as long as you take through the airport.

Manchester, ME


Love it!


I wouldn't use anything else but a Rowenta! Performance They stand the test of time, through and through Safety I've never had any safety issues with any of my Rowenta products Ease of Cleaning Very easy to no cleaniing required Ease of Use So smooth! Durability Durability Design Sleek design

Saint Charles, MO


Rowenta DA1560 Classic 1000-Watt Compact Iron

3.2 5