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Rowenta Commercial Garment Steamer

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Poor quality product that will stop working in 12-18 months


Poor quality product

Katy, TX


I'm getting tired of these things dying too soon


These things do a good job, but don't last long enough. I've already had two and they only lasted about a year.

Keller, TX


The Rowenta Steamer is still a tool for a chore, but......


I hate to iron, and I don't love to steam clothes, but...the **Rowenta IS9100 Commercial Garment Steamer, **does make the chore alot easier.  My first steamer was not a Rowenta, and although it was better than ironing now that I own the **Rowenta IS9100 Commercial Garment Steamer, **I tolerate this chore better than ever!  The main difference between this steamer and the others, is the hose.  It is durable and not plastic. The plastic hoses eventually split and cost a fortune to replace, The hose on the Rowenta does not get so hot that if you accidentally touch it to your skin it does not burn. It heats up quickly and spurts forth enough steam to get the hard wrinkles out of any fabric.  I have not found a steamer that replaces the "ironed" look to a shirt or pair of cotton trousers, but I've also found that the "ironed" look lasts about 10 minutes after wearing and then looks like a garment that has been freed from wrinkles.  So for the sake of saving time and effort, the **Rowenta IS9100 Commercial Garment Steamer**, is the perfect choice. 

Bowling Green, KY


Top-notch Rowenta streamer is a great suppliment to an iron


I had been looking at clothing steamers for a long time before I found a good deal on this Rowenta; considering this is, at best, a suppliment to a regular iron, I found it hard to justify spending a lot on it.  After buying one, I would probably still agree with this sentiment, although I'm sure glad I did.  I certainly not recommend buying a cheaper brand or model in order to save money; it is the voluminous steam that a higher-end unit like this one produces that makes buying one of these worth it.  It takes some time to get the hang of using the thing, and for which tasks it is best suited.  It is especially useful for day to day ironing tasks, in which you want to quickly get wrinkles out of badly-stored shirts or more casual clothing.  What it is not good for is anything you want a hard crease in (i.e. pants).  But it is great for quick, day to day neatening of clothing.  It is also very good at freshening up dry-clean only clothes (for me, mostly suits and jackets); lightly soiled clothing of this type come out looking and smelling much better.  It's also the perfect thing for drapes.

Wichita, KS


Rowenta Commercial Steamer is a pro!


Wow! I cannot believe it took me this long to invest in a garment steamer! I have always hated ironing and embarrassingly have stayed away from most clothes that require pressing before wear. I read an article about steamers and the fact that you could use them for clothes, drapes, in your car, to sanitize mattresses, and a whole host of other things. I decided to start shopping around and kept coming back to the Rowenta brand over and over again. Even my dry cleaner said that she had one in her home for her own personal use or for a quick fix. I decided on the commercial grade because if taken care of, many people told me they have had their Rowenta steamers for years, plus the ease of use made this a worth it buy. What a great purchase! The steam heats up quickly and there is an expandable rack to hang clothes on for super easy steaming. I haven't used it on drapes or my mattresses yet, but I plan to and am confiednt that I will continue to be pleased with my purchase!

Raleigh, NC


Rowenta Commercial Garment Steamer

3.4 5