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Route 29
Route 29 - Red & Black Licorice Piglets

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Makes a Great Gift


I was given a16 ounce tin of **Route 29 Red and Black Licorice Piglets** as a gift.  For me, a licorice lover, it seemed like the perfect gift.  The nostalgic old fashioned tin helps keep the licorice fresh and is cute enough to keep.  The candy itself is darling...  Tiny little black and red piglets house the tin and make a fun snack to "pig out" on.The tin advertises that they are "farm raised in small batches" and packaged in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The piglets each contain 130 calories per 1/3 cup serving but who can eat just 1/3 cup? The black pigs have more fat calories than the red ones do and actually have some protein.  The red ones do not.  I didn't find much taste in either one. Instead of tasting like licorice they tasted more like rubbery dots of nothing.  Did I mention how cute they are though?**Bottom Line:**The unique shape makes the gift a fun one but for a true licorice lover find something else.Though they taste okay they are nothing to write home about. The tin also came with a coupon so I ordered some flavored licorice sticks for my licorice fan brother anxious to see his take on the little swine replicas. He wasn't impressed either.

Northern, FL


Route 29 - Red & Black Licorice Piglets

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