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Roughneck Modular Slide Lid Storage Shed

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Rubbermaid Modular Slide Lid Storage Shed has the depth!


We invested in this storage shed because we wanted a shed that would not be able to be seen over our fence (meeting our HOA guidelines).  We researched quite a few shed before deciding on this one but liked the depth of the shed to be able to accomodate our lawn mower and spreader.  The slide lid makes it easier to access your lawn tools in the back part of the shed as you can "walk in" to the shed.  The shed also has two swing out doors in front opening the entire width of the shed.  Every spring and winter we hose out the shed which is easily accomplished with the lid back and it has withstood the hot Texas sun with no fading.  The only drawback to this shed (which we could not do anything about due to HOA regulations) is losing the height of the shed and not having an area to hang tools.  All in all it is a fantastic shed and well worth the money we spent.  It compact enough to not take up a large area in the backyard and discreet enough to not be seen over the fence line.

Keller, TX


Handy little shed.


This handy shed has all the good qualities I like in the Roughneck storage products. It also overcomes a problem I've had with the flip top bin. The flip top unit can get wobbly when the lid is open making it a challenge to close properly, but the sliding lid keeps this in form. All these Roughneck bins and sheds are durable in the elements, and to some physical abuse. One problem with it's plastic construction is that it is very vulnerable to cuts, so be careful with anything with an edge and the weed whacker. Short story- My favorite of the low Rubbermaid bins.

Marietta, GA


Roughneck Modular Slide Lid Storage Shed

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