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Breast Milk Storage
Ross Pediatrics
Ross Pediatrics Breast Milk Storage Bottles

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These Breast Milk Storage Bottles work great.


I've been using the Ross Pediatric Breast Milk Storage Bottles for three months and haven't had any problems. These bottles hold two (2) ounces (oz) of milk.  They are simple enough to use and thanks to their design I have never dropped one. The lid screws on tight and I haven't had any problems with leaks. They can be refrigerated or frozen, but, of course, you cannot mircrowave them (you never want to mircrowave milk it can burn your baby!). I do worry that these bottles are not BPA free. It soesn't mention anything about it on the bottles, the package or the labels. I assume if it doesn't mention it then it does, in fact, contain BPA. The bottles have the same standard with as most bottles so you can screw a nipple right on to the bottle and give it to your baby. I also like the fact that I can screw the bottles into my breast pump. It makes things very easy; Screw bottle into pump, pump the milk straight into the Ross Pediatric Breast Milk Storage Bottle, unscrew the breast pump, screw on leak-proof lid and when the baby is hungry remove lid and screw on nipple. It makes it so I don't have to keep transfering the milk from container to container. ****     ****  

Draper, UT


Ross Pediatrics Breast Milk Storage Bottles

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