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Roshco Pizza Stone Set

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The best for baking a flavorful crust pizza!


I LOVE my pizza stone. After 6 years of using it, it is so seasoned that nearly any bread dough product I cook on it comes out beautifully. Our favorite, of course, though is homemade pizza. The crispness of the crust and the flavor you get with a simple dough recipe is unmatched. Performance I will never go back to cooking a pizza on a normal pan again. The frustration of tin foil and rectangular pans can be gone with this product. It truly is one of my favorite cooking/baking tools. I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys baking homemade pizza! Ease of Cleaning Never use soap on the stone as it ruins the seasoning and will taste like dish soap thereafter. After it cools, I simply rinse with warm water and use a spatula to remove difficult spots. Durability Like I mentioned, we've had ours for 6.5 years. As long as you don't drop it, it holds up spectacularly! Design It can be a little tricky to remove the extremely hot stone out of the oven even with the handles. Use caution. Doesn't Stick As long as you spread corn meal first, the dough never sticks!



Roshco Pizza Stone Set

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