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Roper RUD4000SQ Built-in Dishwasher

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Love not having to prewash dishes


This was an easy load dishwasher. I love not having to rinse off my dishes before putting them in. No matter how much food was on the dishes, they came clean. Noise Level This made noise, so I only ran the dishwasher at night. During the day, it was too noisy to talk on the phone while running this dishwasher. Cleaning Time It was very quick during cleaning. The different levels made it easier to save water when the dishes weren't as dirty. Loading Flexibility I had to be careful loading glass bottles with lids or small plastic things. They did not stay where they were placed. Performance It did everything but clear the table. Design The design made it easy to use. I like the drying mechanism, which was designed to save water. Durability This was a replacement for the other faulty dishwasher i had, which looked like it did not fit under the counter.

Wichita Falls, TX


Washes dishes effectively!


I love this dishwasher, I've lived in my home with it for almost five years now, and it came with the home. It still is working and has never had any problems at all. Noise Level The noise isn't too bad, but I do have to turn the television volume up a few notches if I'm trying to watch a program and run the dishwasher at the same time. Cleaning Time It doesn't take too long, it's easy to load so there's not much work in it for me. I do believe it takes less than thirty minutes but I've never been in a rush to get my dishes done and I've never timed it. Loading Flexibility I can easily fit three large pots, maybe twenty plates, ten cups, seven or eight bowls, and a seemingly unlimited amount of silverware all in to one load. Performance It works very well, the steam takes off most stuck on foods. Design Nothing too fancy, it's a dish washer.. I'm happy with it! Durability I've had it so long and it still works perfectly.



Roper RUD4000SQ Built-in Dishwasher

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