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What a unique website. Roozt is great commerce!


When I found Roozt several years ago, I was hesitant to order through them as it seemed so new, different and a bit scarey being that I didn't know what this website was really about. Was it safe, secure? It took me almost 2 years of seeing the amazing emailed products and then countless visits to the website browsing some of the most intriqueing products around before I took the chance. Now I kick myself that I didn't do it sooner. Rootz offers so many unique, green and sustainable products from around the globe. THey offer gifts for everyone with a great story behind each carefully chosen product. I love the gifts that I have purchased through them and will continue to support this company and their work with other communities to bring products that are different and host ideas for support to other nations and products. I cannot say enough things about this website. Give them a try. You WILL find something that will have you talking to your friends. They give back and I like that.

Whitewright, TX



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