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Roman's Piranha wall Paper & Paste Remover Concentrate

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Roman's Piranha Walllpaper Remover is fantastic!


I bought a house with wallpaper in every room. I tried steamers and all the remover products out there and couldn't get it off. One room had an intricate cut out border of a picket fence and tulips. A friend recommended Piranha and I tried it. The directions said to wait 15 minutes after scoring and application. The paper started lifting off the wall in 5 minutes. No smell and neat as could be. I highly recommend it!!




Wallpaper stripper is way better than vinegar


We initially tried to use hot water and vinegar or hot water and dish soap to remove wallpaper in our house.  Those kind of worked, but not very efficiently.  If you value your time and aren't super concerned about the harsher chemicals in wallpaper strippers, I recommend using Wallpaper remover.  It is way more effective at dissolving the adhesive bond and penetrating the wallpaper facilitating removal.  It speeds up wallpaper removal and better prepares the wall for primer since you can also use it to remove the adhesive that still sticks to the wall after the paper is off.  We used it with a small bucket and wash cloth.  I've heard these work even better with wallpaper scorers, but it worked alright without it.  We've found that you can actually get better  coverage if the paper isn't as stuck to the wall as it's supposed to be.   A lot of the paper comes off easily but this works really well to get the pieces that are really stuck on there.  


Kansas City, KS


Save your lungs, don't buy chemical wall paper removers


I've done enough wall paper removal in my life to give a recommendation on this.  Removing wall paper takes time, patience, lots of water, and some muscle.  I prefer to use either just plain water or water with fabric softener.  I don't like smelling chemicals and do not think using a chemical wall paper remover is necessary.  What are those chemicals doing to your lungs?  I have tried a scoring tool and think it is a good idea.  I've found that if you can peal off the top layer of paper then just saturate the thin layer or papery-paper.  Let the water really soak in, maybe soaking it several times.  Do big areas at a time and do another area while you wait.  Then go with your putty knife and it should lift off.  It's a pain in the you-know-what, but once you start to see your clean wall under the paper it is rather rewarding. So skip the yucky chemicals and save yourself the money.  Just use water and fabric softener.


Escanaba, MI


Piranha Wallpaper Remover: It does its job


Removing wallpaper is one of those projects that even hardcore DIYers dread.  There's nothing creative about it.  It's purely prep work necessary to get to a potentially creative project. Over the years I've tried several methods of removing wallpaper.  Starting out years ago on my first few projects, I rented a wall steamer.  Removal was slow and arduous and messy in the extreme.  Certainly the prospect of having to eventually remove your aging wallpaper with this technique was more than enough to get you to rethink if you wanted to hang any new wallpaper at all. **Progress** By the mid-80's I had come across a technique that while it might not make wallpaper removal enjoyable, it was at least tolerable and a whole lot less messy. I purchased a Zinsser wallpaper scorer.  After thoroughly scoring the paper to be removed, the wall could be wetted with anything from water to water and vinegar to specialized paper and glue removers. Recently while stripping the wallpaper from our kitchen I came upon a wallpaper and glue remover that I had never before used.  I figured I'd give it a try. **Roman's Piranha wall Paper & Paste Remover Concentrate** Purchased in a 32 oz. container, this concentrate will make as much as 5 gallons of remover.  It can be sponged, rolled or sprayed onto the wall. I generally prefer spraying as it results in less solution finding its way to the floor.   After letting it soak through the perforations made by the scorer for 15 minutes, it gets reapplied and you're ready to go to work with your scraper.  Scraping was more or less uneventful although there were several instances where yet more solution had to be applied before I could free the paper. After the paper was totally removed it was necessary to spray the walls again to get any excess paste off the wall.  I found the **Roman's Piranha wall Paper & Paste Remover Concentrate** competent at the job but hardly distinguished.  It seemed little more effective than hot water and vinegar. **Accidental Discovery** While working on a section of the breakfast room I picked up what I thought was this remover.  Instead, I later discovered it was an identical generic spray bottle in which we keep **Formula 409 Household Cleaner**. The Formula 409 penetrated the paper almost immediately.  There was no need to wait 15 minutes.  Grabbing an edge of the paper I was able to strip the paper in whole sheets.  Spraying again on the bare walls I was almost immediately able to remove any excess paste remaining in single swipes of a large (car wash) type of sponge. **My Viewpoint** It's not that I find anything particularly wrong with **Roman's Piranha wall Paper & Paste Remover Concentrate.  **It's just that I find it only marginally, if at all better than vinegar and water and not in the same league with this common household cleaner.  If I need to remove any wallpaper in the future I'll go right for the Formula 409. Rudi


Boca Raton, FL




 I'm about finished removing this border that has BECOME PART OF THE WALL!  It's the Vinyl Border from Hell and been up for 20 years. Hot water and a scraper work on most walls but not this one. I bought Piranha gel and their tool to score the wall. Let me give you a tip, score the heck out of the wall if the paper's really, really stuck and no amount of digging will budge it. Then apply the gel and score some more!! Forget the circular motion, doesn't matter. Save yourself time learning from my mistake. Wait the 15 min. and get the hottest water & fabric softener you can stand to touch. Get a rag ready and soak part of it in the solution. There are no miracles using Piranha. Some of the paper comes off and the rest can be soaked in hot water and scraped away. Vinegar & water didn't give me a miracle either. Use good fabric softener, like Downy, and be patient. May the Force be with You! 


Germantown, MD


Roman's Piranha wall Paper & Paste Remover Concentrate

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