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Rode M1 Microphone

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Good not Great.


I got this mic because my brother is obssesed with singing karaoke he can do it all day if he has to. The sound quility recored is good but could be better its not expensive and its realiable its very good if your an Amateur but its not for profesionals. Ive tried connecting it to fruity loops on my computer and the 7th edition of FL really makes things way better for amateurs like me. I think sony and other well known brands are better but I could be wrong if your not into karaoke then dont get it. The waranty is very good and makes me really proud of what ive bought. I use it like every two weeks the frequency range is like from 75hz to 18khz. Iove the feel of the product I must admit the perforfance is pretty awesome.But its just way too standard for me I kindo look at it and i feel like its kindo cheap however my little brother cannot get enough of it every weekend his always using it. So inconclusion the product is good but not great i really would recommend it to someone with a couple of bucks in their pocket. It would help to pass the time and keep you occupied, thanks for reading.


Phoenix, AZ


outstanding mic,replaced my SM58 Shure


I used a Shure SM58 for years.I wanted a change and ordered a Rode M1 mic.The Rode M1 is like an SM58 with more clarity.Don`t get me wrong the SM58 is an awesome mic,but the Rode was the better sounding mic to my ears.I sold my SM58 after using the Rode M1 for a few weeks.The Rode M1 is a heavy mic,heavier than the SM58 not that that makes it any better,it just feels more solid.There`s not much more to say about the Rode,it`s just a great solid mic.It comes with a 10 year warranty,but when I bought mine if you registered online you got a lifetime warranty (great deal).


Utica, NY


Rode M1 Microphone

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