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Rockstar, INC.
Rockstar, INC. Sugar Free Rockstar Energy Drink

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Good for being sugar free.


I am always looking for alternative ways to get caffeine and energy without drinking coffee. I've found that the Rockstar Sugar Free Energy Drink is at the top of the list when it comes to energy drinks. The energy lasted me about four hours, and I did not feel groggy afterwards. It also is sugar free so you save yourself a lot of calories! I was not a huge fan of the taste, though. It had that pungent energy drink flavor. I recommend this if you like energy drinks and want to cut back on calories.



Sugar Free Rockstar is Effective with no strange aftertaste


I usually buy at least one energy drink per day, and have had my fair share of the different brands. Rockstar I find to be the most effective of all the different types I've tried, giving me lasting energy. The sugar free version is fantastic because it gives you the much needed energy you are looking for and at the same time you know you aren't going to crash from the sugar rush later on in the day. This energy drink also tastes better than most others. I find many energy drinks either outright taste like poison or leave a funny aftertaste in your mouth, but not this Sugar Free Rockstar. It is in my top three on taste, even though it is sugar free, it doesn't have that chemical flavoring to it that I find in most other energy drinks. Another huge bonus to the Sugar Free Rockstar is that it is frequently on sale, and much of the time I can find it for cheaper than the no name brands available.

Denver, CO


Energy without the worry of adding to your waistline!


Started drinking Energy drinks a couple of years ago and started with Monster Energy. I opted for Lo-Carb instead of Full caloric versions as didn't need the Full amount of Empty calories! My criteria were products without Aspartame, due to the possible connections between 'Aspartame' and diseases such as brain tumors, brain lesions, and lymphoma. I tried Sugar Free Rockstar and was intrigued! By the 2nd time I tried it, I was a fan! It has an unusual taste, kinda like 7-up with a citrusy twang! It is sweetened with Sucralose and has several 'energy' ingredients, it also includes Milk Thistle Extract which is an herb used in cleaning your liver! It comes in 3 sizes, 8, 16, and 24 oz. Has 10 calories per serving with 0 Carbohydrates! I have tried several different energy drinks and have found that Sugar Free Rockstar consistently places first in my mind with its taste and energy requirements. I have tried regular Rockstar Energy, but found the amount of sugar cloying and too sweet to be palatable on a regular basis! Not dissing it, but Sugar Free met all my requirements without having to add a sugar buzz on top!

Lawrenceville, GA


Rockstar, INC. Sugar Free Rockstar Energy Drink

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