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Robitussin Long-Acting CoughGels

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Best cough medicine!


I had the most terrible cough this winter, and this Robitussin Long-Acting Cough was the ONLY thing I found that actually worked. It did take about a half an hour to kick in, but once it did, my coughing was almost gone and I was able to live my life. It lasted a full 8 hours. Once the 8 hours was up, my cough did return immediately, so it didn't actually heal me. But I was so impressed that it worked as well as it did for those 8 hours. I also like that it was non-drowsy (something that was hard for me to find in a cough medicine). It meant that I could use this medicine to get me through the day. I used Nyquil one night because I thought it would work better, but I found that I was up every few hours. This Robitussin allowed me to sleep 8 hours straight because it supressed my cough completely!



Just as effective as Robitussin Liquid w/out the horrible taste!


Robitussin makes wonderful products, in my opinion. They make over the counter cold and flu medications that do exactly what they say will do...at least they do for me and my family members. My only complaint is that their liquid cold medications and cough syrups taste terrible! The one and only way to get the terrible aftertaste to go away is to brush my teeth and tongue. It tastes so awful! Enter the equally as effective, easy to swallow, no taste whatsoever, fast acting, **Robitussin Coughgels Liqui Gels.** These coughgels may not begin to work quite as quickly as the liquid, but they do go to work to stop stubborn coughs due to the common colds and the flu very fast, and they work for up to 8 hours. (I usually find that they work for about 7 hours, but that's usually the case with most over the counter medications.) **Robitussin Coughgels Liqui Gels** don't make me sleepy nor do they make me feel jittery or anxious. They just work wonderfully and quickly in stopping my cough without leaving a super terrible taste in my mouth! **Product Description**: *"Robitussin cough gels are liquid-filled capsules you just swallow. Controls coughs up to 8 hours."* **Product Features**: *"Controls coughs up to 8 hours. Non-Drowsy and non-narcotic formula."* The active ingredient in these coughgels is Dextromethorphan, which is strictly a cough supressant...and it suppresses my cough very well, for a long time, and it does so without leaving such a bad taste in my mouth. Congestion Relief Robitussin Coughgels Liqui Gels does not contain ingredients to help relieve congestion. Chest Congestion Relief Robitussin Coughgels Liqui Gels is not a cough expectorant. It's a terrific cough suppressant, but is not formulated to be a cough expectorant. Relief of Aches & Pains This product doesn't contain any kind of pain reliever or fever reducer. However, the more I cough, the worse my throat hurts, so it does help keep my throat from hurting as badly as it would if I didn't take it when I have a bad cough. Cough Suppression Robitussin Coughgels Liqui Gels is very effective in suppressing cough due to the common cold, flu, and bronchial irritations. It works as well for me as most prescription cough suppressants that my doctor has prescribed for me and for my family members over the years. It begins working quickly and it last for 7 to 8 hours, in my experience. I have found this product to be very effective in relieving my cough and I recommend it.

Tiny Town, GA


Robitussin Liqui Gels free me from drinking nasty cough syrup!


I prefer to use Robitussin Coughgel Liqui Gels over cough syrup when I get sick.  Cough syrup makes me want to gag every time I try to use it.  I was somewhat skeptical of this product working.  However, it did keep me from coughing for about six hours (not really eight).  Since this product is in a pill form, there is no nasty taste to get out of my mouth after I use it.  It is more expensive than cough syrup, but it is helpful for people like me who have a sensitive gag reflex and can't use regular cough syrup.  It is also more convenient to take than traditional cough syrup.  

Shelbyville, TN


Robitussin Long-Acting CoughGels

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