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Robeson Preppie
Robeson Preppie Food Processor

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Robeson Preppie Food Processor Cuts Cutting Time!


This Robeson Preppie Food Processor is a great help to me in the kitchen. I have used this food processor to make mounds of slaw. I remember watching my mom make slaw and she would cut up the ingredients with a biscuit cutter. It took a lot of work! This food processor can save loads of time and enables me to choose a variety of cutting options. What I like about the Robeson Preppie Food Processor: - It cuts down a lot on preparation time. - It is made well - a heavy base and the attachments are made of quality materials. - It is pretty simple to use - just lock on the type of cutting device you want and have at it. - The attachments come completely off to make clean-up easier. What I don't like about the Robeson Preppie Food Processor: - Sometimes it's kind of hard for me to get the cutting well locked on - it would help to have really clear arrows to line up or something. - It can be pretty messy - the one that shreds shoots out the food and sometimes it misses the bowl. - I don't like the clean up - there are lots of parts, such as the blade, the well, and the whole machine. **My Viewpoint:** The Robeson Preppie Food Processor is great at saving time. People who use recipes with a lot of diced or chopped ingredients in particular might really like this product. I'd like to see a design that is a little more user friendly to put together, but once it's together it's easy to use and works well. The clean up is a bit of a mess, but it probably beats chopping everything by hand for most people.


Piedmont, NC


Robeson Preppie Food Processor

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