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Smokeless But Not Completely Odorless


Before I quit smoking I tried a couple different smokeless ashtrays as well as a battery operated smokeless ashtray that had a small fan that pulled the smoke into it and filtered the air. The type of smokeless ashtray that you get depends on how much you smoke and where you are going to be using it. This can be used at home or in a vehicle and when I did have one, it fit perfectly into my cup holder. This is a basic smokeless ashtray that cuts off the supply of oxygen to cigarettes when they are dropped into the center hole. Most people assume that they are instantly put out but if it isn't emptied on a regular basis it could take up to a minute for the cigarettes to be extinguished. While this eliminates the smell of extinguished cigarettes that you would normally get from an ashtray, you still have the actual smell of it while you are smoking so the name is a little misleading. When I was a smoker I tried not to smoke in my vehicle because the smell would stick in the carpeting; I got one of these to use when I was stuck in traffic or had to drive a couple of hours. It was nice for keeping the ashtray in my SUV clean but it wasn't exactly what I expected. This is the basic model; there is a deluxe version that has a flip top cap to it that helps to hold the smell of extinguished cigarettes inside the container but again, if you don't clean it out often then you are going to end up with the smell coming out of it.




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