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RoC Multi Correxion Eye Treatment

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The dark circles are less visible


I've been using this eye treatment for about 2 and a half months now. I'm almost 40 and noticed I have really dsrk, puffy circles under my eyes. I know it's die to lack of sleep, but nonetheless they're still visible. I have started to notice light wrinkles too. I decided to try this because of the great reviews. I'm so glad I decided to try it. First of all, it's very lightweight. It goes on smoothly and doesn't make my skin oily. It is very light scented too. Second of all, it's very gentle on the skin. I have semi sensitive skin and it didn't sting or burn. Last, my bags under my eyes really look better. The puffiness isn't as noticeable. I even purchased the 5 in 1 night cream because of it and see such a difference in my skin. Totally worth it!



Really nice eye treatment, not too greasy.


I do really like the RoC Multi Correxion Eye Treatment, I felt like I could sense a firming around my eye area almost as soon as I put it on. I've been using it now on and off for around four months, and while it is hard to definitively say that I see some drastic difference (I'm only thirty six and I don't think my eye area needs too much correcting yet!), I'm sort of using it as a preventative measure for future gains rather than trying to correct the past. It contains hexinol which I've read is effective in prompting your skin to promote more collagen, just not as quickly as prescription retinol. I was little bit apprehensive at first because I'd read that retinol can be irritating to your skin at first and that it makes you more sensitive to the sun and heat, but much to my relief this product did neither of those things. I wear it night and day (when I remember!) without a hitch. I really prefer the texture of this treatment to many others in that it's not goopy or greasy, it is sufficiently hydrating without leaving a shiny residue around my eye area, so it's practical to use prior to make-up.



RoC Multi Correxion Eye Treatment

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