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RoC Brilliance Eye Beautifier

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Works great on fine wrinkles


I've been using RoC Eye Beautifier for a month and it works really great on my fine lines. I noticed the difference within a few days. If I don't apply it for a few days, then I notice the reverse result and starting see the lines, so it's definitely working! There are 2 steps. In my opinion, the first silver cream makes the skin super silky and smooth, and the second white cream moisturizes and softens the skin. Whatever the technology Roc used on this product, it works great on my eye problem and I'm very happy with that. I'm not sure it will diminish the wrinkles permanently or it's just a temporally effect (probably later), it works like a magic. The downside is the cost... With the manufacture's promotion, it's affordable, but the retail price is bit expensive, but the actual effect is great and hard to beat!  

Moorpark, CA




I used RoC eye beautifier for the first time about a week ago, At first, I was not sure if it would make my eyes look brighter and more alive. It is a two step system, with an activating serum and a creme. It is amazing. After ONE use, my eyes looked more lively and so much brighter, compared to my normal look, which is dark circles and puffiness. With this new brightness around my eyes, I am much more confident at work and at school. I don't feel like everyone is wondering why i look like a raccoon with about a 1/2 hour of sleep. I would highly recommend  this system to anyone who needs that extra beauty lift. It is also great because you can use it when you want, day or night, when it is convenient for you. it is a good feeling to walk into a room and have bright, beautiful eyes that can attract anyone in the room to you. I have had people ask what i used that know how my eyes typically look. It is truly a wonderful product.

Huron, OH


RoC Brilliance Eye Beautifier

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