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Rival Toaster Oven

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Rival Toaster Oven


This Toaster Oven is useful for everyday cooking. It has a nice shape that works well in a smaller kitchen. I love the convienence of being able to use this toaster oven so I dont always have to use the bigger oven. It heats evenly and cooks everything perfectly. It cleans up very easily and looks really nice on the countertop. One of my favorite small kitchen appliances! Even Heating Heats very evenly. Safety Safe to use. Ease of Cleaning Very easy to clean! Durability Very durable! Design Design is convient and easy to store in kitchen.


Silver City, NM


Perfect Year Round Oven!


This oven does it all; broil, toast, bake, roast.....perfect. The size of the Rival co605 toaster over is perfect for storage in most kitchen cabinets, and it is nice enough in appearance that it would not look out of place on your counter top. Even Heating I am rating it good because, while it does cook evenly for almost everything, you should rotate any pizza you bake midway through, because the bump out in the back does not receive as much heat as the rest of the oven. When you are making toast you obviously have to flip it midway through as well. That said, all cakes, potatoes, roasts and cookies bake to perfection. Safety Safey is a little sketchy when doing pizza. I've had a few of them dump out on me because the racks slide out very easily. Be cautious too when the broiler is on, as I burned my hands a couple of times taking things out. Ease of Cleaning Clean up is easy if you stay on top of it. I found that a Mr. Clean Eraser is great for cleaning the glass oven door especially, but even a dry cloth can be used to wipe down the oven when it has cooled down. Durability When our large kitchen oven heating element died, we purchased this Rival toaster oven while we were saving up for a new oven. It was our only oven for almost a year and a half! And we purchased our new stove 2 years ago, and this little baby is still doing the trick for us. One of our favorite things is to put it outdoors during the summer when we are in the mood for baked potatoes or even cookies. We save engery by not running the oven and air conditioning and still enjoy our favorite foods. Design It was a great idea to have the bump out and being able to use it for our only oven for as long as we did proves that the design is fantastic for daily use. Any college kid would get fed well with one of these.




Rival Co605 toaster oven is great for every kitchen


I love my Rival CO605 Toaster oven!!  I got it originally to cook pizzas in so that I didn't have to heat up the regular oven for just a pizza.  But now I use it 2-3 times a week for so many things!  I love to make baked potatoes, cheesy bread, chicken fingers, and fish in it.  It is great becuase I don't have to waste the energy of having my big stove on.  It came with a pizza pan, two metal pans, and a drip tray, which all work great in the unit.  There are other pans that you can buy separately.  It has an up-to 60 minute timer, as well as a "stay on" timer.  You can bake, broil, heat, basically whatever you want to do.  Food always tastes good coming out of it and I never have trouble cleaning the unit either.  It does get very hot, so make sure you keep it away from kids and pets, as well as the underside of your cabinets so they don't warp from the heat.  I love my toaster oven and would recommend it to anyone! 


Sun Prairie, WI


Rival Toaster Oven

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