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Rival Seal a Meal

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rival seal a meal


The seal a meal is a great product, Im on my second one, but the only reason for that is cause I want the new features. The one I have has a build in bag cutter and roll storage. The spill tray on the inside is dishwashable it make it so much easier than my first one. There are several different seal a meal machines out on the market some have more then other at far as gadget such as: bag cutters, auto sealing, and being able to mount them make it real easy and save countier space. They also come with a varied of containers that you can put just about anything in them from cereal to mading a marinade for your favorite BBQ. the air tight countainer make it really quick to marinade. It pretty cuts the time down to a few hours instead of twenty-four plus hours. One of the other things that i like about the seal a meal is that it save you lots of money because you can buy meat in bulk and just break it down in to meals.


Silver Spring, MD


Wow ... Awesome product for saving Food


Rival Seal-A-Meal. My mother-in-law gave me the compact version for Christmas and when I opened the gift I thought ... Geez what a lame gift but after using it I have found that it is awesome.  The Seal-A-Meal that I received for Christmas was the compact version. It seals a length of upto 8 inches. I would not really recommend this model only because you will find that you want to seal longer bags. I have now purchased the full size version the seals bags upto 14 inches. I have found its really useful for re-sealing cerael bags, chip bags, pancake mix bags anything that is in that type of bag can be re-sealed with just a few minutes in the machine.  You can even split up a loaf of bread and re-seal and it will keep the bread fresh and nice for about a week or better You can vaccuum and re-seal salad bags taking the air out of the bag and the salad will last alot longer without turning brown or yucky. I also, use it to make my own bags. To seal leftovers, to break bulk items into smaller packages. The vacuum feature is awesome for sealing meats and freezing them without freezer burn. You can also seal in meats with marinate and it infuses the meat quicker and shortens the marinating time. I have found tons of uses for it that really have saved me a ton of time and money. Get the longer version and you will be amazed at all the things you find to use it for.      


Louisburg, KS


Great Money Saving Kitchen Appliance


I've owned the Rival Seal a Meal for several months and it is so effective in saving our family money. In terms of durability, this food sealer has held up well. Over many seals both the exterior and interior of the machine is flawless. The inside is coated with a bacterial inhibitor(much like microban) to kill bacteria from raw meats. In additiion, it comes apart for easy clean up. The motor is pretty powerful, it seals within seconds that the bag is inserted and it melts the plastic together forming a tight seal. This is a great buy as we buy things when they are on sale and can freeze them for much longer than we could with traditional zip bage. The reason is two-fold. First, there is no air to promote decompositio, Secon, the bags are a much thicker than standard, store bought freezer bags. Both these features allow us to store meat, vegetables, and fruit air tight withought spoilage. I recommend this to all busy families. 


Lake City, FL


Rival Seal a Meal

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