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Rival GRS120 Electric Wok

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Doesn't Get Hot Enough For Making Fried Rice


Being a certified Chinese food junkie I wanted to get an electric wok instead of having to worry about a range top wok sliding around when cooking things or having a grease fire while using different oils in it. I have owned three of them so far and while they are nice, they don't seem to get hot enough to cook certain dishes the way that I want them. I like my fried rice fried, not soggy, clumpy or undercooked. The Rival was the first of the three electric woks I purchased or received as a gift and I used it for vegetables and making stir fry dishes but it never produced fried rice that was comparable to what I got at a Chinese restaurant or from take-out. It is easy to cook in one and the clean up isn't tough but that really depends on what you are cooking with; sauces that simmer down or become thick can stick to the sides and if you aren't tossing the ingredients often you could end up with some that are still partially raw and some that are soggy or overcooked. I like that I could use this anywhere in the kitchen as long as there was a plug nearby but the cord is short; that's a safety precaution but can still make it tough to take it tailgating. I would caution against using an extension cord with this, if someone trips over it or yanks on it, serious burns could result especially if you have oil in the wok. This came with a clear lid but that was it; there were a lot of different wok cooking sets near the display but I already had most of them at home. This is a good dependable wok for people who cook casually but if you are trying to replicate restaurant style Chinese food you might be disappointed with the way that this works and that you can't get it super hot. The range top woks can provide a higher heat than an electric wok like this but if that isn't a concern then this version is safer for home use.



Rival GRS120 Electric Wok

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