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Rival Food Steamer

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perfect vegetable steamer


We purchased this vegetable steamer when my husband was diagnosed with diabetes. We needed to get more vegetables in our diet. This appliance solved that problem for us. It works beautifully and cooks vegetables the healthy way quickly and easily. Just fill with water and turn to timer to the suggested time. It has two levels so that if you want to steam fish and vegetables at the same time there are two separate compartments to do so and have plenty of room. We use this consistently everyday which is more than I can say for other appliances I have bought. It is easy to take apart after using and wash and reassemble. Performance very easy to use Ease of Cleaning every part is washable and easily reassembled Ease of Use very simple to use and understand their directions. Durability we have used this appliance for almost a year and it still looks and preforms like brand new


Bainbridge, OH


Better than having multiple pots on the stove, Stack and steam


By far this is the best kitchen appliance I have bought myself  for christmas.  I put this to use at least 3 or 4 times a week and I dont have any bad things to say. I love that I can steam broccoli and carrots on the same tray and not worry about the flavors being mixed and them being bland, with this this steamer it brings perfect moisture to anything and dont have worry about them being over done or not steamed properly it practically fool proof. I also read you could steam fish and poultry but I havent really got around to doing it because I'm still afraid to steam meat but I think for someone who doesnt like standing over the stove and flipping and adjusting heat this is a perfect product because all you do is add water to the base of this steamer and turn the dial to whatever desired time you'd like. The Dial goes up to an hour it's a bit bulky takes a little bit of room on my counter and it's a pain to wash but if it prevents me from having 3 or 4 pots on the stove and to cook my veggies the way I like than I rather just deal with it. Perfect for Corn on the cob or Steamed Potatoes and asparagus.


Oakland, CA


Rival Food Steamer

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