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Rival Fold-Up Electric Food Slicer 1042-WN

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Works good for the price


It's a little better than satisfactory because at least it can cut a lot of even slices quickly, and that's not something I can do by hand. But overall, except for the metal blade, it's all plastic. You can't lean on it or put to much pressure on it. It doesn't cut as smoothly as you see at your deli counter, and it does work at a much slower pace. But for basic home use of small items and not really, really big jobs, it's more than adequate. Power It's not very strong, but if you don't force it, it does a decent job. We had a large, whole slab of bacon cured and smoked for us by our neighbors. But then we were left with the task of slicing it into bacon. This unit did a pretty decent job although I would have liked it if could have sliced the bacon a bit thinner. My Dad uses it all the time for slicing salami and pepperoni. Hard cheese are okay (but not too hard); soft cheese can be messy. Safety Follow all directions and use all safety items! Ease of Cleaning The plastic cleans up easily Durability We don't use it a lot, so it's lasted us a good number of years.



Rival fold up electric food slicer - food savings appliance


This is a great appliance for slicing up a large roast or ham to make sandwiches, you can slice thick or thin and it's sharp. What I don't like about it is the blades are open. Fearful of slicing myself. It does store well and easy to set up. Then the clean up is a process that I just simply do not enjoy. I think if you have a large family and want to save on food costs, this is the way to go you can buy larger cuts of meat and be able to have sandwiches for the family after the big meal, at least that is why I purchased the unit. Yes, the blades are extremely sharp and this is not an appliance you want to be using around children. Saves your wrists and kitchen knives and cutting boards that is for sure. And yes, the process of slicing is more accurate and faster than with a kitchen knife that is for sure! It's all plastic but durable plastic, I have had mine for a while and nothing has broken or cracked yet.

Skowhegan, ME


I have had my Rival Fold Up Electric Food Slicer for a long time


I don't remember when I bought my Rival Fold Up Food Slicer. I'm guessing about twenty years ago. And it still works as well as it did when I first got it. I love to bake my own bread and the whole family loves to eat it. Bread slicing is not my forte.The slices always turned out crooked, thin on one end and thick on the other. That doesn't make the best sandwiches. Anyhow, that was the main reason we went to buy a foodslicer. But of course we don't just use it for bread. It has been used for all kinds of meat, like turkey or ham,and also for cheese. It is very easy to adjust the control for thickness. The blade is stainless steele and is very sharp. You have to push two buttons for it work, for safety. Cleaning is easy. The slicer is easy to take apart and clean. The blade has to be cleaned very carefully as it is so sharp. After cleaning you just put it back together, which is very easy, and fold it up.It doesn't need much room to store. I would buy this again.

Decatur, IL


Rival Fold-Up Electric Food Slicer 1042-WN

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