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Rival Electric Slow Cooker

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Decent crock pot


We all know about convenience and electricity-saving of crock pots that allow us to be away from what can be long and laborious cooking time required in many meat, beans and sauce recipes. The construction of the Rival 3100P Crock Pot is sturdy and solid enough, the cord is a tad short but not too restrictive as long as you can allocate enough kitchen counter space not too far from an electric outlet. However my own personal issue with most non-programmable crock pots, is the heavy-duty clay pot that, while thick enough and well-fired to withstand endless use, tends to give an unpalatable flavor no matter the dish. Be it sweet or savory, I seem to always get an unavoidable "clay pot smell and taste" to the food. This is especially damaging to broth recipes that depend on purity of flavor.

Plano, TX


The Rival 3100P Crock Pot is awesome!!!


I was given the **Rival 3100P Crock Pot as a gift for Christmas. I wasn't really a fan of crockpots, I hadn't asked for one, and as I opened it, I thought, "Oh great.....who can I re-gift this to?" But I must say, I have really turned my way of thinking around!!!! After collecting recipes from friends and family as well as from the internet, I don't know what I would do without it now!!!! It so easy and convenient to use! Forget spending hours slaving over a stove and oven to make a hot meal, not to mention the heat that is generated from using a stove! I can put pork in the slow cooker in the morning with a can of carrots and by dinner time, we have a wonderful, hot, filling meal! I would definately recommend the **Rival 3100P Crock Pot to anyone!!! Mine has been wonderful!!! And with an easy to use temperature switch, you can't go wrong!****

Elizabethton, TN


I love my crock pot


I don't know what I would do without my happy little crock pot. I usually do mega cooking (several months cooking at one time) and it would be impossible  for me if I didn't have my Rival Crock pot. This was a gift to me  a few years ago and I just love it. The pot comes out for easy washing. It is ceramic and is very heavy duty and sturdy. It is heavy though and may be hard to manuver if you aren't able to lift much weight.  Mine came with a little strap that you can velcro across the top for easy transportation. That is really cool and holds well. The settings are easy to use, simple high, low, warm. I use it for several hours and even days straight and have had no complaints or problems. It is a large pot and holds a good amount of food. I am able to make several portions of food at once and freeze them into individual meals for our family of 3. I highly recommend this Rival crockpot.

Comer, GA


Rival Electric Slow Cooker

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