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Rival Easy Touch Fold Away Under-the-Counter Can Opener

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Rival Fold Away Opener Just Ok


I was excited about this when I first bought it, was looking forward to not having to drag out my can opener everytime I needed it or have to opt to having a not-so-lovely piece of kitchen equipment out all the time. The Rival Under-the-counter seemed like the perfect option, but that didn't last too long. Mind you, it still opens can wonderfully, but it gets VERY dirty and is very hard to clean! I've also had trouble with the metal parts rusting...I cleaned and dried it each time it was used, but I suppose the moisture from the sink nearby caused the rust (not really sure). Anyway, between the difficulty of cleaning (and having teens that didn't clean it everytime so I was stuck trying to get dried food off) and the rust, I was comfortable using it anymore, so it's retired. I keep it tucked away just in case my other one stops working. If they come up wit one that ALL the parts come off for cleaning, I'll buy it.

Franklin Square, NY


Rival Easy Touch Fold Away Under-the-Counter Can Opener

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