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Rival Deep Fryer

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Great Rival deep fryer


We have really enjoyed this Rival deep fryer.  There are several plusses about it.  First, I love love that it has a handle the you can lift the inside basket up and out of the oil before you even open the lid.  This helps keep oil from splatering out and helps make it safer for you to use.  With this feature you can not only use it to lift the food out of the oil before opening the lid, but also have it up when you put the food onto it, close the lid, and then lower it into the hot oil.  Also, it has different temperatures that range from 260 to 375 degrees.  When it has reached that temperature the green light comes on so there is no guesswork.  Another plus is that I have noticed that the steam that comes out of it when it is cooking something has been filtered.  It is not a greasy mess of steam!!  It is clean, and easy to use, with a pretty large capacity.  Lastly for the plus side, we have had it for 3 years and have not had one problem with it.  The only downsides is that it is pretty large (more difficult to find a place to store it) and kind of difficult when trying to change the oil out (because it is large).

Greensboro, NC


Rival Deep Fryer

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