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Rival Deep Fryer

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Works great, but a pain to clean!


I have had the Rival Deep Fryer for several years. I have used it to deep fry different types of fish as well as chicken numerous times. My food always comes out tasting great if I only put a few pieces in at a time so they don't clump together. If you are cooking for a large family you might want to go for something with a larger basket. There is a light that indicates when the oil has reached the temperature that you have selected and that made it easy to figure out what I was doing even the first time I used the deep fryer. The only major drawback that I have found is that it is really hard to clean this deep fryer since you can't put it in the water. It would be much better if you could take out the part that holds oil and clean it.

Elyria, OH


Very hard to clean


After setting off the smoke alarm at our apartment while frying food on the stove, I decided it was time to purchase an electronic fryer.  This one was a bit fancier than some but still in my price range.  I like the adjustable temperature (be sure to watch as you continue to fry for a while, some left over pieces in fryer change the temperature setting a bit).  The basket is easy to lift and overall it works well.  The built in window is virtually useless since the steam builds up on it and nothing can be seen through it.  I do however feel that the major drawback is the cleaning issue (another reviewer already mentioned this too).  It is not submersible in water and after only a few uses, it is greasy and virtually impossible to clean better.  I do not know if there is another fryer on the market that would be better (it may just be an issue with fryers in general), but I would certainly consider this before purchasing. 

Spring, TX


Rival cf153 deep fryer is small and has cleanability issues


The Rival cf 153 deep fryer has several nice qualities, such a the detachable, magnetic cord.  It heats up fast and does relatively well cooking small portions. It has a timer and a ready light.  It has a nice basket thats easy to use and also has a detachable lid.   The draw backs, unfortunately include that it is small, I found it difficult to cook a chicken leg.  Not that it wouldn't cook it, it just wouldn't fit properly.   The second and biggest draw back is the ease of cleaning.  There is no easy way to clean it.   The heating element is fixed and you cannot submerse anything except the lid.  It gets frustrating using it, because I know I have to fight with it to clean it.  If I had to buy it again I probably wouldn't. If you are cooking for a single person and like to clean then this deep fryer is for you.

Benton Harbor, MI


Rival Deep Fryer

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