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Rival Chicken Flavored Tartar Control Treats for Cats

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My Cats didn't care for Rival Chicken Flavored Treats


My cats love cat treats and I've bought a bunch of different brands for them over the years. Once the cats hear the treat bag crinkle when you open it they come running. They love their treats so much that they'll come running even when the bag isn't treats, then they stand there meowing for treats. I got a coupon out of the newspaper around Christmas time for these Rival Chicken Flavored Tartar Control Treats and ended up getting a couple of different flavors for about a buck fifty a bag. These are suppose to be tartar control treats so I thought they would be on the larger side so that the cats have to chew them up. However these treats have to be the smallest treats I've ever seen, they are smaller then the pieces of my cat's kibble. Normally I like to give treats out one by one to each of the cats because a couple of my cats are bullies and will steal treats from the other cats but these are too small to do that. When I tried to feed them to the cats most of them turned and walked away, and my cats eat practically anything. They did not like these treats one bit and I ended up donating the rest of the bags to a local animal shelter because my cats wouldn't eat them.

Erie, PA


I tried to make them eat Rival, they said no, no, no!


***Quick View: ***I admit it. I thought I could get away with giving my cats cheap treats. I couldn't. They don't like these treats and only eat them if they're feeling really hungry and really mellow which is not often. The treats have some value but not if my cats won't touch them! ***My Take on Rival Chicken Flavored Tartar Control Treats for Cats*** These treats come in a resealable bag and are supposed to control tarter and even freshen cats' breath. They're very small and hard which is a challenge for my 13 year old girl cat. However, she loves her Greenies and they're hard so I think she just picks and chooses what she will expend energy on eating. My two year old male cat is usually not finicky and he will sometimes eat a few of these little treats before he walks off. These treats are tiny. I always worry that the cats will choke because they are so small. But since they rarely even sniff them, I guess that won't happen. They have a typical cat treat scent but it isn't overwhelming. They're just plain brown things and very, vary hard. I found a 4.5 ounce bag of **Rival Chicken Flavored Tartar Control Treats for Cats** at Big Lots for a couple of bucks and figured they would be as good as any and were cheaper. Apparently cats know cheap when they smell or taste it because neither of mine will eat these. Like I said, now and then, the male will nibble a few but this bag is going to last ages. I don't know about the treats helping to reduce tarter because I can't get the cats to actually chew them. ***My Viewpoints*** It's very hard to rate a cat treat because we all know every cat is very individual but my two are total opposites and neither like **Rival Chicken Flavored Tartar Control Treats for Cats**. They must not smell or taste good or maybe the tiny hard nuggets are just no fun to chew. At any rate, I won't be buying more of these treats for my cats. ***I have to go with 2 stars.*** Your cat may love these treats but, based on my personal experience with my own felines, I don't' recommend them.

The heart of , NY


Vivo purrs, 'Three-and-a-half paws down for RIVAL Treats.'


  *Brava* for my finicky 12-year-old Vivo!  She can sniff out and stick up her pink nose at every bargain treat I find.  This one is **RIVAL Chicken Flavored Tartar Control Treats for Cats**, found at *Big Lots*, where the **RIVAL **brand name has been licensed from *Stenning Brands LLC.* **RIVAL**'s smallish treats could have been licensed by the Queen of England for all Vivo cares.  My sweet gray kitty knows that, even though they give her a good crunch (for tartar control), there are no soft centers, no shapes like fishes or plump pillows, and no color other than brown (or whatever single shade she sees) in the **RIVAL Treats**.  Plainly, these tidbits are *NO FUN.* *I *hope Vivo intuits that I'll stick with it anyway.  I'll continue to alternate a variety of bedtime snacks, until the four-and-a-half ounce bag of **RIVAL Chicken Flavored Treats** ends up like her upscale, twice-as-expensive and half-the-package-size *Whiskas Temptations*.* * Empty. The dreaded corn comes first on **RIVAL**'s Ingredient List, and its minimum fat is low at 8% (compared to corn second and 17% crude fat in the *Whiskas Temptations).  *The rest seems pretty much a toss-up of B vitamins, taurine, minerals and other supplements plus yellow 5 providing the "color" for **RIVAL**'s treats. **RIVAL Chicken Flavored Tartar Control Treats** are made by **Sunshine Mills, Inc.**, Red Bay, Alabama.  (*Temptations *are imported from Canada.) Vivo *will* eat her **RIVAL Treats** after a longggg wait:  *"Maybe if I look really bored, Mom will give me those Temptations pillows... No?  ... Ohhhh-kay...    If you'll **hand**** feed me... I'll eat the blah ones, Mom!" * And that's the way it is. # # # # # *In the end, these are Vivo's alltime favorites:  [www.viewpoints.com/Whiskas-Temptations-Tartar-Control-Treats-for-Cats-reviews][1] * [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Whiskas-Temptations-Tartar-Control-Treats-for-Cats-reviews

Los Angeles, CA


Rival Chicken Flavored Tartar Control Treats for Cats

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