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Rival Can Opener

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Wouldn't buy it.


I received this can opener as a gift and I would not purchase it for anyone. I was in need of a can opener because my other one had a piece that fell off. This can opener is extremely difficult to use, it is hard to get the cans to fit and it takes at least 5 to 1-0 minutes per can. You have to move the can opener around a lot and it is really frustrating. Don't try to open big cans with it because it doesn't work, you can't even fit them onto it. The triangle shaped blade fits so closely to the can opener that it won't allow you to just fit the can there and open it. I have cut myself a couple of times trying to open regular sized cans. I won't allow my children to use this can opener because I don't want them getting cut, they were allowed to use our old one because you could just put the can up to the can opener and the magnet would hold onto it, then you put the arm down and it opened the can. On this can opener, the magnet only works part of the time and the blade gets in the way all the time. I'm frustrated because I cannot afford to buy a new can opener so I try to buy cans of food that have the pop top so that I don't have to bother with the can opener. I hope that they fix this problem because people should not have to spend there hard earned money on a product that barely works and takes up a lot of time when they may not have a lot. I have an 11 year old and an 8 year old at home and this makes dinner time take way to much time to prepare. Performance Doesn't work right, the blade just gets in the way, the magnet only works part time, and you can't open big cans. Durability Seems to be made of good materials and I don't think it will fall apart. Design The blade needs to be redone so that it will fit onto the can and not into the can opener.



Rival Can Opener

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