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CF 151 WD
Rival CF151WD Chef's Fry Cool Wall Deep Fryer

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Rival CF151WD Chef's Fry Cool Wall Deep Fryer


I recieved this as a wedding gift. We were so excited to get a deep fryer, my husband especially. We used it a lot when we were first married. The basket is sort of small, so we couldn't make too many things but we did make onion rings, fried shrimp and a few other items and they turned out great. I haven't used it in a long time since it is so messy to use. I don't like leaving the oil in the machine, so I take it out after each use and put it into a tub. I hate wasting oil, so I like to reuse it when possible. It does gets pretty messy though when cleaning it and time consuming, which is why I haven't used it in a awhile. It works great and cooks the food very well. I recomend it and plan on using it soon!

Oroville, CA


Fresh from the Rival's Chef's Fryer delicious doughnuts!


The Rival Fryer was a great investment for me.  I have many allergies and can not eat the food prepared in the store.  If you have the time to use it then you will love it.  This fryer has 4 settings for the temperature.  Also has a timer, so no needing to set an additional timer.  The removal basket is big enough for at least two doughnuts.  The basket was easily cleaned up by setting in a sink of hot soapy water for several minutes. If anyone is wanting fried food without all that fat like the restaurants use I would sugguest your own Rival's deep fryer.  People that are very healthy can use good oils like canola or olive oil.  The first time I used this was around Thanksgiving.  My kids were wanting doughnuts and so did I.  I dropped the bater into the basket and within 2 to 3 minutes hot fresh doughnuts.  There is nothing like them in the world.  I once had a fresh doughnut off the conveyor belt at a Krispy Kreme and I would say by using this Rival fryer you can experience that feeling again and again.  Also good for other fried foods.  I have tried fish, hush puppies, and french fries.  Move over Mcdonalds these fries in the Rival's fryer is delicious!

Milford, OH


Crispy french fries if you have time to cook


My 2 complaints with my Rival deep fryer are that the basket is kind of small, and it doesn't get very hot.  I made french fries recently for 6 people.  I was stuck in the kitchen for a long time.  The basket is kind of small, so I had to make several servings.  It didn't get very hot, so the fries had to stay in for at least 10 minutes.  But, everybody loved the fries.  No one complained of the taste.  So if you have time to cook, this is suitable as a deep fryer.

Cleveland, OH


Rival CF151WD Chef's Fry Cool Wall Deep Fryer

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