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Rival 8-Cup Rice Cooker

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The Rival 8-Cup Rice Cooker makes it so easy to make rice.


I love my Rival 8-Cup Rice Cooker and steamer. It make cooking rice easy and simply. If I cook rice on the stove it is always under done or mushy. With the Rival Rice Cooker I can make rice and not worry about it being done or underdone. I spray the inside with Pam so the rice doesn't stick when it is left on warm. I also like it for cooking vegetables. They can be put in and you don't need to check them until the bell rings. They are perfect everytime. I was very skeptical about getting a rice cooker. All things considered, anyone can cook rice.  Well,  Not me I have tried various recipes for cooking rice and it just never came out correct.  The only alterntive was for me to use instant rice, which is fine except when you want real rice. The kind you need to cook, minute rice just doesn't cut it.  So upon the request of severl family members I made my purchase of a Rice cooker.  The Rival 8-Cup Rice Cooker turned out to be one of my better purchases.

Pataskala, OH


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The rival Rice cooker has become part of this family as we eat  rice mostly every night and just to have  this  product  do the work  for me while i prepare  the rest of the meal is a  blessing.  i even add s easonings  to it and it cooks well with it and c an s tore it in insert in refrigerator and  rehaeat it in cooker

Green Bay, WI


Rival 8-Cup Rice Cooker

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