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Rival 6-Quart Ice Cream Maker

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The Rival 6-Quart Ice Cream Maker is the best for summer.


The Rival Ice Cream Maker is a wonderful ice cream machine for your entire family. It is just the right size for storing when not in use. Just pick out your families favorite flavor and turn the maker on. What a great treat for summer picnics. Performance This product is so convenient, your will never have to make a shopping trip to the grocery store for ice cream again. What ever is left over from your family parties can be stored easily in your freezer. Your kids will love it. Durability Use your Rival Ice Cream maker to fix delicious treats for 4th of July parties at the lake or in your back yard. It is extremely durable and comes with a great warranty. Ease of Use The Rival Ice Cream maker is very easy to use. Because of it's size it is easy to take it in your kitchen and get started. Ease of Cleaning The ease of cleaning is wonderful. Just use warm soapy water, rinse and dry. It can be stored under your counters or in your garage. Capacity The 6-quart ice cream maker is just the right size for a typical family. Design The design of the 6-quart ice maker is very modern and will fit in well with your kitchen decor.

The Colony, TX


Not the best


We purchased this ice cream maker the summer of 2012. We had nothing but problems with it. First of all, the shape of the actual container is pretty bad. The oval shape makes sure that ice gets lodged between the bucket and canister causing the canister to stop spinning. We discovered that this happening causes the motor to give out after a few uses. The motor actually has a difficult time staying on the bucket and consistently slips out of it's grooves. If you do get to the point where the ice cream has been spinning for more than 2 hours, the ice cream is hardly done. We were able to get possibly 3 to 4 uses out of this before the motor just quit working all together. I think we may have been able to keep it longer if the bucket hadn't caused so many problems. I would not recommend this product to anyone. I have given it an overall rating of 4 because you can at least get a little bit of solid ice cream in the middle. Not much, but there is enough for a couple of bowls. Capacity It works well for a family our size (5) Design Very poor design.



Good value, for the price!


I purchased this ice cream, maker this last spring, to make ice cream for this summer! So far it has held up very well, and it makes very good ice cream! I have used it often, I use it to make a small batch for just myself, and also for my family! I try to eat natural, and not eat sugar, this is perfect for me, to quick stir up a treat for myself! It is very easy to use, and easy to clean. It is pretty durable! I don't expect it to last for years, but for the price, I am very happy with the machine! And it's really cute too :) I would probably but another one, and I would recommend it to a friend, if you don't have the money to spend on an expensive one! Good product! Performance I'm happy with the performance of this machine! It makes great ice cream! Durability Great durability for the price! I am very happy with the product, we will see how long it lasts :) Ease of Use Very easy to use! Ease of Cleaning Very easy to clean up! Capacity I am happy with the capacity! Design This is such a cute design, and t works well!



Rival 6 quart ice cream maker takes forever!


I've had a Rival ice cream maker for a long time! When the motor died, I went to the store and bought this one. It looks kinda silly but I didn't care. The very first time I made ice cream in it, it took over 2 hours! I thought the motor would burn up before it finished. They changed the design on this so that there is no way to get ice on 2 sides of the container holding the ice cream mix. I decided that I would not be using this again because it's just too much trouble. I bought a Nostalgia Electrics one that works great. Don't waste your money on this model.

Dallas, GA


Rival 6-Quart Ice Cream Maker

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