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Rival 6.5-Quart Duet Digital Crock Pot

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I would never buy this product again.


When the programmed cook time ran out, it defaulted to High instead of Warm. Terrible product.


Ames, Iowa


There's nothing else like this crock pot


This is the best crock pot. I've never found anything else with the same features. It's 6.5 quarts, which is the largest I've ever found. I love how much it holds. I do a lot of canning and this has been perfect for cooking down large batches of apples and tomatoes. I also like that it came with two pots. One is large for the big batches and the dual pot lets me cook two things at the same time. It works great and is particularly handy around the holidays. I can get two sides ready at the same time. The low setting cooks things perfectly, but the high setting is perfect for when I don't get things started until lunch time. The warm setting has also come in very handy for nights when we are running late. The only problem we have with the crock pot is the lid. There's a piece of plastic on top of a glass lid. The plastic is what lets you pull the lid off without being burned, and on our lid the plastic has broken off. It's still usable but we have to take the lid off with a pot holder. This crock pot is so good I'll still use it even with the broken lid.




A great kitchen appliance


I love my crockpot! I use it for soups and roasts on a regular basis. I also use it to brown ground beef and to cook up chicken to shred. It saves me so much time and hassle and doesn't heat up my house! Time to Heat I have always found my crock pot heats up items in about the same exact time that most recipes say. Every once in a while it seems to heat things up faster but I have never burned anything! Cooking Performance Whenever I throw chicken or roast or barbequed ribs in my crock pot they come out very moist and full of flavor no matter how little seasoning I used. It also cooks very evenly. Ease of Cleaning I love that the crock pot has three pieces for ease of cleaning and also for transportation. I love taking the crock out of my crockpot and transplanting it to the table or to a friend's house. I also love that because it is removable I can put it in my dishwasher. Ease of Use With the digital timer and settings this crock pot couldn't be easier to use. And I like that it stays "warm" if the timer runs out over night or while you are out and about or at work.




Long Lasting Crockpot


We received this as a wedding gift almost 7 years ago. I use it all the time and it is still going strong. I would say I use it about once a week. With this crockpot you have the typical on/off and high/low setting but what I like is that it also includes a "keep warm" setting. This setting automatically comes on when the timer goes off. Many crockpots don't have this feature and so starting a meal before work and letting cook all day can be more difficult. Cleaning is fairly easy because the pot and lid are dishwasher safe. I did learn the hard way that it should not be used in the oven as well. Most crockpots are oven safe (not the cooker part though) but this one had some melting along the handle of the lid. It still works fine though. The only complaint I have is that it seems to cook hotter than most crockpots.


Pleasant Grove, UT


Rival is the original


In my opinion, there is no rival to the Rival crockpot. I have had them forever. This one is extra cool because you have timer features. Extra whistles and bells. I use my crockpot 3 times a week. Spaghetti sauce, chilis, pot roast, chicken (add a little bbq sauce), really the uses are endless. I even have a cake recipe I'd done in the crockpot. You can make oatmeal in it, set it up and let it cook overnight, in the morning you have a wonderful, nutritious breakfast. Another great thing about crock pot cooking is that your house smells wonderful all day and when you come home from a long day of work, dinner is waiting. I have tried other brands, one cooked too hot, one the lid exploded (not kidding). So I'm back with Rival because I can trust Rival.


Glendale, AZ


Love to use the Rival Crock Pot


I was given the Rival 6-1/2 Quart Duet Digital Crock Pot as a gift and I love to use it! The pot comes with two different crocks, one full size oval and one divided crock. I love that the shape is oval because it fits nicely in my smaller kitchen and leaves room to work around it. I love the divided crock so I can serve different foods and keep them warm all in one. The convenience of digital is something I will never trade now. I can set it to cook for a certain number of hours (to the half hour) and when it is done the unit will turn down to warm. I like that there are two crocks so that if one ever gets chipped or cracked, I will still have the other. Although, they are heavy and require a little more storage space. As with any crock pot, you have to get to know it. This one seems to run a bit hot and cooks food in half the time as my recipe calls for. I just adjust my time or temp. accordingly.


Cuyahoga Falls, OH


Rival 6.5-Quart Duet Digital Crock Pot

4.2 6