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Rival 5 qt black and silver crock pot

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Received as a wedding gift - decent except for metal handle!


So I was about to give this thing a poor rating, but figured the main reason that was driving me to a 2 versus a 3 was the metal handle, and figured it wasn't a big enough reason. Let me explain - it's a crock pot. There's really not much to it. Yea, it's nice and fancy and trendy - it's stainless (ooo!) and has a digital display (ahh!), but it's just like every crock pot you've ever seen or used in your life. We've probably used it 50 or 60 times - it slow cooks things just fine and works great. However (and this is a big one) - the handle on the glass lid is METAL. You know what happens with a metal piece sitting 2-3 inches above a liquid solution simmering at 175-225 degrees? yea, it gets hot as all get out! Why in the world they didn't make it out of some sort of plastic composite or something slightly heat resistant is beyond me, but I've burned myself on the handle more times that I can recall. We finally started tying a dishtowel to the handle to avoid the burns. I should send a complaint to the consumer product safety council - it's just stupid to make it out of metal. You know what? Now that I've written this, I'm changing it to a "poor" rating. Yea it works, but a metal handle on the lid that burns you every time you use it is just inexcusable.



Good For the Price, Not a lot of Customization Options


This slow cooker does exactly what I need it to. It was affordable, and so far it has lasted us over 6 years. I don't use this constantly, but it has held up really well to occasional use. This slow cooker is pretty basic, but it gets the job done. It lets you cook on high or low, then has a warming function to keep food warm without continuing to cook it. You can set it to cook in hour increments, which is one of the things I wish was a little more advanced. I would like the option for 1/2 hour increments, but for most recipes, one hour jumps work just fine. The design is sleek, it's got a nice big capacity, and it doesn't get too hot on the outside. I have a feeling this slow cooker will last us a very long time. Time to Heat It does take this slow cooker a bit of time to heat up. I don't think that it's an abnormally long time for a slow cooker, but it is something to keep in mind when you're making something with a shorter cook time. Cooking Performance This product has always cooked our meals very thoroughly. It does tend to form a slightly crusty burned-on ring around the top outer edge of the pot. Ease of Cleaning I do like that the inner pot can be lifted out to clean. It does prove challenging though when there is a burned on crust along the inside. Ease of Use This product is extremely easy to use. Design Modern, clean design looks good in any kitchen. Durability This is still going strong for us after over six years of use.



Rival 5 qt black and silver crock pot

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