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Rival 5-Quart Slow Cooker

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I love my Rival Slow Cooker!!


I received this from my mother as a christmas gift a few years ago and while living in Florida I didnt have much use for it. But once we moved to Illinois espically in the fall and winter months I started looking up receipes for stews and such. I have been using it more and more and love it to death. It cooks everything wonderfully. Very easy to clean most of the time I don't even have to soak cause it comes clean. I love the design very nice color and very functional. I read one review about the lid not fitting correctly or ill and I dont have that problem. I think the lid fits perfectly nothing escapes from it. It might not be good to travel with as it probably will not stay shut if juggled but other than that I have no problem with it.

Rock Falls, IL


This crockpot is attractive as well as functional


I love a good crockpot and since I am often taking them to potlucks and functions; I love that this one is beautiful as well. My ceramic bowl has cracks along the bottom which is why I gave it four stars instead of 5 but this has not hindered the use of the crockpot as the cracks do not go all the way through. I like the options of settings on this crockpot although I usually just use low and it cooks plenty fast. If I leave it on high too long, my food becomes crispy. I have used this particular crockpot for 6 years and it is still going strong. The bowl is easy to clean and can be put in the dishwasher. I have cooked a wide variety of dishes in this and have only had problems when I leave it on high too long. It easily transports although you have to make sure the lid does not slide off. I also have this brand in a smaller size which works even better in my opinion. Rival is a great, dependable brand. I am very happy with them.

Colorado Springs, CO


The Rival Slow Cooker is practical and attractive


As a very busy Mom I'm not sure how I would get dinner on the table some nights without a crock pot. There's nothing better than walking through the door after a long day and being greeted by the scent of dinner already done. The Rival slow cooker is sturdy and reliable. In the Fall and Winter I use it almost daily (for several years now) and have never had any issues with how it works. When I was shopping for a slow cooker I almost bought a Crock Pot, since that was the brand I was most familiar with. I did end up buying a small Crock Pot later, but what sold me on the Rival though was the lovely decorative crock. It's a beautiful shade of green and the rim is embossed with a decorative pattern. This allows the meal to be cooked and served in the same dish, just put a heat resistant trivet under the crock and you can set it right on the table. The only thing I don't like about this slow cooker is that the lid doesn't fit as good as I would like and it lets some of the heat escape.

Elmira, NY


Rival 5-Quart Slow Cooker

4.0 3