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Rival 5-Quart Slow Cooker

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Cooks a little hot, but the lid is a piece of junk


This baby warms up really fast, but you have to keep your eye on the liquid levels - which king of defeats the whole reason for a crock pot. The lid is incredibly light. Once the steam builds up the lid starts floating, slipping, and rattling around on the crockpot on high and low settings. Just last night the cheap plastic lid handle loop came apart. I was going to ordert a new lid top, but forget it. I think a new DIFFERENT crockpot is in order. Please do the same if you want to be happy with your new crockpot.



Good crockpot


This crockpt works great, although it seems like it takes a little longer than normal to heat through items in the pot. Once they are heated, it should be turned on low because it will burn - gets hot. It came with the little dipper crock which is comletely useless as it burns everything put in it. There are no settings on the little dipper just plug in or not. The regular pot is easy to clean with the lift out insert - little dipper does not have an insert and is more difficult to try to avoid getting water in the electrical elements. Overall the regular crock is great, would recommend it to anyone. I mostly use it for dip and pot roast and it comes out great. Little dipper - thumbs down.

Olathe, KS


Wonderful for Winter Cooking!


We have 3 Rival crockpots; one very old one without a removeable liner; one 5 quart newer model, and one 6 quart crockpot at our vacation home. We have been using it a lot this winter, and with the renewed popularity of slow cooking, there are lots of new ideas and recipes in current magazines such as Family Circle. Having a removable liner makes cleaning so much easier, but sometimes I use the Reynolds brand liners that you can buy at the grocery store. I have put these liners as presents in Christmas stockings , as our children have crock pots, too. My husband enjoys making barbequed pork and chicken and pot roast; I love soups. There are just the two of us at home now, so we do not usually need to make large quantites. Having a  removable inner liner makes it easy to store the food in the refrigerator, unlike the old pots that had no liners at all. We mostly enjoy using our Rival crockpots in the winter, but using them in the summer cuts down on the heat in the kitchen. It's a  great year-round appliance!

Charleston, SC


Rival 5-Quart Slow Cooker (33511)-okay but runs hot


I received this slow cooker as a wedding gift and was really excited.  I figured I'd be able to start a meal in the morning and it'd be ready by the time my husband and I got home from work.  However, I found out through trial and error (and a little internet research) that these slow cookers run hotter than the original Crock Pots that were popular in the 70s and 80s (due to some sort of government regulation requiring kitchen appliances to heat food to an internal temp of 140 degrees within a certain amount of time).  This wouldn't be that big of deal, except that I'm generally away from the house for 10 hours a day and this slow cooker doesn't have a timer.  So, whereas many dishes would've taken 8-10 hours to cook in an older slow cooker, it only takes 6-7 hours in these newer slow cookers, so my food was often overcooked.  I'm now looking for a good slow cooker with a timer, which I hope settles the problem.

Honolulu, HI


I could not live without my Rival Crock Pot


I love my 5 quart Rival Crock Pot.  I have owned Rival Crock Pots since I first got married in 1977.  I went from an orange one that did not have the removable insert to my new 5 quart crock with a removal insert.  I work during the day and make everything from my spaghetti sauce to a whole chicken.   We love it esp for making our chili and/or spagehetti sauce.  We will make enough for five meals.  We eat one and then put the other four in freezer bags.  Come time for dinner all I have to do is to boil some noodles and heat up our sauce.  Whole chickens dropped in frozen and then seasoned are done to perfection when I arrive home from a busy day at work.   Everything I make in my crock pot turns out moist and so flavorful.  With the removable insert cleaning is a breeze.  Should I have anything which sticks, which is rare. I leave it soak for a bit in some hot water and it washes right off.  Should anyone want to take my Rival Crock pot from me they'd be in for a fight.

Schenectady, NY


Rival 5-Quart Slow Cooker

3.8 5