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Rival 4.5-Quart Slow Cooker

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6 years and still working great


This is a must have product for anyone that is just starting out and getting a kitchen.  I use my crock pot about once a week for countless number of meals (I mean seriously there are a MILLION things to use it for).  I made sure when I purchased it that it was big enough for a large family and that it had an inside that came out that could be machine washable.  It works great and is easy to clean up afterwards.  Mine has three settings, warm, low and high.  No fancy timers or anything, but I've never had a need for it since anything I put in it is usually done after breakfast and then it's finished by dinnertime.  For a busy mom you can put your food in before work and it is done when you get home and dinner is ready!  For a stay at home mom like myself it is still handy because doing dinner every evening gets SO tiring!  I also use it for warming foods since mine has a "warm" setting.  Mine is not that pretty, and I will eventually upgrade to a stainless steel one, but for now this one works like a charm.

Oklahoma City, OK


A must for fix it and forget it meals!


My husband and I got this Rival Crock Pot for our wedding almost six years ago and it is still working great. I think a good slow cooker is one of the essentials of a functioning kitchen (along with a Kitchenaid mixer). Slow cookers are great for when you expect to have a busy day, or if you work and want to have dinner ready when you get home. One of the main things we use the crock-pot for is to cook a roast. We have tried cooking roasts in the oven, even with a browning bag, and they never come out as fall-apart and juicy as when you do it in the slow cooker. We have also used the crockpot for spaghetti sauce and chili, and when you set it on low and let it cook all day, it really allows the flavors to blend. As another reviewer mentioned, the ceramic insert is a little heavy, but I am just happy that it *is* an insert, and not built-in like in our smaller crockpot. The smaller one is such a hassle to clean, trying not to get water into any places that might ruin it.

Venice, FL


12 Years and still cooking great!


I recieved this crock pot as a wedding gift...12 years ago.  It is still cooking great.  Quite honestly, I'm just getting a little bored with it because it's been so well used.  It is a no frills crock pot with a dial for off, low, and high.  There are no timers or digital displays, but I've never felt like I was missing out by not having those options. The crock insert is a bit heavy as it is ceramic, but it has held up just fine.  I've never even needed to handwash....the dishwasher works great on it.  It is not ideal for bringing places because it is rather heavy, but at home it is not a problem. This crock pot has cooked roasts, chickens, soups, stews, chilis, beverages, and even desserts.  We have never been disappointed by the food and the ease of using a crock pot is unbeatable.  I love knowing that I can make dinner in the morning (when I tend to have the most energy and the kids are not quite as cranky) and it is ready and waiting for us at the hardest time of the day.  And it makes the house smell amazing!

Guilford, CT


Nothing rivals our Rival crock pot for happy meals


Our Rival crockpot has had a lengthy and prosperous history. As schoolteachers, it was always pleasant to open the door and know that a nourishing supper was almost on the table. A supper that our family would enjoy. Through the years into retirement, our crockpot meals still provided us with ample time to participate in various activities and still have a delicious meal for the both of us. The attractively decorated Rival traveled easily to many a " pot luck" dinner. A handy lid strap made certain that the contents wouldn't spill when carrying. Many of the meals early on were prepared in a home style version, but when the frozen food companies developed specially prepared "crock pot meals", that just added a new whole dimension to our Rival usage. The low voltage slow cooking design of the crock allowed peace of mind when out of the house. Yes, we can truly say that nothing can rival the convenience of our Rival crock pot. Together we created many "happy meals".

The Villages, FL


Rival 4.5-Quart Slow Cooker

4.5 4