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Rival 3L Cool Touch/Cool Zone Deep Fryer

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the rival deep fryer was a disappointment


i wanted a deep fryer and i bought this one made by rival because of the reputation of the company name. i was very disappointed. i will point out the good point first. it is easy to store on a shelf, which is a good thing because that is where mine stays, on the shelf. the cord is one of the ones that is held in place with a magnet. it is hard to keep it in place and pops off while you are trying to cook. when you are deep frying that means when the temperature goes down, your food gets greasy. it also means when you are timing your food and the temperature goes down, your food will not be done in the expected time. the other issue i have with the rival deep fryer is that it is very hard to empty out the grease and to clean. when you can't take it apart and actually immerse it in water, it will not really be clean. one good thing i learned is what features i want in the next deep fryer i buy.

Eatonton, GA


Best Fryer I've Ever Used!!


I received this fryer as a gift for my wedding two years ago and it has never disappointed. The fryer comes completely apart for easy cleaning, easy storage, and most parts are dishwasher safe.  Once everything is washed, I wipe down the outside and the parts that aren't able to be immersed and store everything back inside of it.  When I take it out of the cupboard to use again, everything is right there and ready to go.  I have never had to take it fully apart to store as this appliance has it's own space on a shelf, but it does come apart more than even I have used. Another great option is the speed at which it's ready to be used and that there are no limitations to the oils used.  Some fryers I've seen in the past recommend that for best results you use only certain oils.  We are generally more health conscious and use this maybe once a month or so for a special dinner of chicken strips, french fries, and mozzarella sticks, but the fryer works great with canola and/or olive oils.  Also, the oil is hot within five to ten minutes of turning it on.   This fryer is getting harder and harder to find in the stores, so I hope they aren't planning to discontinue it.  If I ever need to buy another one, I don't know that I'll find one that can hold a candle to this one.   The only thing I would change is I would make the cord for the outlet a bit longer. 

Knightdale, NC


The Rival CZF530 is the best deep fryer on the market.


When ever my children crave french fries or fried chicken, I happily take out my Rival CZF530 and get ready to make my kids happy. My mom recommended this fryer to me and I've been using it ever since I went to college. Not only did my floormates like it too,but it made them come asking for more. I've tried other difficult deep fryers, but this Rival is of all, my favorite. All I have to do is set the timer, load it with my special fried chicken recipe, and press start. I don't even have to watch it; I can watch TV, and when its dinner time, the aroma of chicken fills the entire apartment complex. The only con is that it is small and cannot make enough chicken to feed my entire family. I believe this fryer makes my chicken taste better, and I would recommend it. I have owned mine for over 9 years, and its never failed. "Your chicken tastes better than KFC's" say my friends whenever I bring my special chicken to potlucks. I say that it is because of my deep-fryer, which I love.

San Jose, CA


Rival 3L Cool Touch/Cool Zone Deep Fryer

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