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Rival 10" X 20" White Cool Touch Griddle

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Awesome to use, pain to clean due to size


We bought this griddle quite a few years ago to help for an office pot luck brunch party we were having. As my husband and I used to work together, we were going to bring turkey bacon and make pancakes. We bought this griddle because it was electric, portable and large enough to make both items in one shot. We loved using it then and occasionally still bring it out to use when making large breakfasts. My only issue is cleaning it. Because it's very large and is ***not ***dishwasher safe, it's very bulky and difficult to clean. Trying to clean between the grooves is probably the worst part of cleaning it. When the grease from the bacon (both regular and turkey) drips between the grooves and into the little pull out drip out pan (love that idea by the way!), there always seems to be a little remaining grease to be found after it dries. But overall, this griddle is quite the lifesaver. It heats up very quickly, has an adjustable temperature setting, and easy to store (if you keep the box).

Sherman Oaks, CA


This grill is awesome for those big breakfasts!


We got this grill for our wedding, and we use it all the time!  It will take the place of 3 pans, and is perfect for grilling up that bacon especially.  I love the front grease-catcher, it's very effective.  It is very easy to clean, and easy to store (we put it up on top ofour kitchen cabinets).  It heats up quickly and fairly evenly.  The non-stick surface is great.  The only problem with the cleaning is that It doesn't quite fit in our sink, so it's often difficult to get clean.  Also, food might get stuck on the side, where I can't quite get my dishwasher brush in.  Another problem might be with cooking eggs and pancakes.  Those are often quite runny at first, and therefore might start dripping into the grease-catcher!  You can avoid this problem by tipping the grill back a little, because there is a little ledge on the back and the sides, if you want.  I suggest also only using wooden or plastic utensils on this grill. You don't want to scratch it! 

West Jordan, UT


Haven't Used Much~Stored Because of Size


My husband bought me the **Rival 10" x 20" Cool Touch Griddle **some time ago and I nearly forgot that I had it.  I hate to admit that 'Out of Sight~Out of Mind' philosophy but it is so true.  When he first gave me this gift, I was puzzled as where to put it.  It is large but my counter space has already been taken by appliances that we use everyday.  I've had it on top of my refrigerator gathering dust for some time now.  This is where Viewpoints gave me a grand idea.  I decided to read how other members use their griddles.  We are not big breakfast eaters and on the occasion that my husband wants eggs I use the electric frying pan.  So today I got a lot of wonderful feedback on how individuals cook steak and pierogi's and many other meals.  Things I didn't even know that you can use a griddle for.  I am going to make an all out effort to prepare a few dinners this week on the griddle.  Some of the features listed on the box include:  dishwasher safe; adjustable temperature control and grease channel with removable drip tray.  I wonder if I am alone in my situation by putting things away and forgetting that we even have them?  Makes me want to pay closer attention to what I have and the many things I may be missing out on in the future!

Fort Gratiot, MI


Rival 10" X 20" White Cool Touch Griddle

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