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Rival 1.5-Quart Treat Shoppe Electric Ice Cream Maker

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perfect for summer treats


I just received this Rival ice cream maker yesterday and made a batch of french vanilla ice cream. I ordered Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Dessert book at the same time I ordered the ice cream maker and they both came the same day. I used the French vanilla recipe from their book. The recipe is only for one quart so I quadrupled it. I used a lot more salt than the directions with the ice cream maker calls for to get the temperature down and also used a little table salt along with shaved ice. Use enough salt with the ice and you should have no trouble getting the temperature down. The ice cream was done when the motor stopped as per the directions. It only took 18 munutes from start to finish. The brine didn't even run out the drain hole in the can before the ice cream was done. The ice cream was pretty stiff consistency right away. We ate some for a taste test and put the whole can in the deep freeze for about an hour and the stuff set up very well. The ice cream was smooth and not gritty like it can be if it takes a long time to get done. After reading some of the reviews before buying this maker, I had some reservations about buying this particular model. I see now that they were unfounded. I had no problems with it at all. I would recommend this maker to anyone looking for a reasonably priced ice cream maker. Just be sure you use plenty of salt with the ice and be sure your ingredients are good and chilled when you put them together.


Beverly Hills, CA


Makes ice cream


THis sure does in fact make the american delicacy we all know and love entitled affectionately ice cream.  Other ways to say it are sorvete, helado.  It tastes good and can be made into a healthy treat if you are so inclined.  Ice cream, ice cream, such a tasty treat.  Smooth and creamy ice cream, cant be beat.


Gilbert, AZ


Save your money and look elsewhere.


Coming from only hand crank, rock salt and ice experiences I thought the Rival electric ice cream maker would be the ice cream lover's answer to sliced bread. Boy, was I ever wrong!The box says "Makes Ice Cream in Less than 25 Minutes!" Don't believe it. The entire process takes much longer. First, you have to put the canister in the freezer for some length of time until the gel encased between the outer and inner walls of the canister is frozen solid. The ice cream mixture must be thoroughly chilled as well; although this could be done at the same time you are freezing the canister.The box shows pictures of delicious looking sorbets, frozen yogurt and ice cream that appear to be rich, creamy and firm. Don't get sucked in. After having tried the machine several times I find it hard to believe these pictures were taken of sorbet and ice cream made in this machine. Even with using heavy creams and the finest ingredients the ice cream is soupy and most often icy. The motor is just not powerful enough to push the ice cream to the smooth, creamy stage. It bogs down once the ice cream mixture starts getting to a thick milkshake consistency.To be fair, the machine is small and easily stored but when you have to put it in the freezer to have ready "for anytime use" the machine seems to take up alot of freezer space.My machine is going back this week. The quest for a better ice cream machine continues. I guess the old addage, "You get what you pay for" is true in this instance.


Northern, FL


Rival 1.5-Quart Treat Shoppe Electric Ice Cream Maker

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