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Ritz - Simply Socials - Whole Wheat

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Ritz has a new whole wheat cracker - Simply Socials. Very tasty.


When I saw that Ritz has a new whole grain cracker, I had to buy a box. I like Ritz, and I want to add more whole grain to my diet. Some whole grain products are really awful. I'd rather do without that eat some of the bitter breads and crackers that are whole grain. Ritz did a great job with the whole grain crackers. They taste like Ritz (that buttery signature), but they are still unique. I can tell they have whole grain, but it's not bitter whole grain. It's just rich and full as far as flavor. These are rectangular rather than oval like I'm used to with Ritz. That's no big deal, but if you see these out on a table, you may not recognize them as Ritz. I love cheese on soda and Ritz crackers, but I'd have to say that the I like these whole grain crackers even better. The grain taste goes really well with cheeses - especially cheddar and the bacon flavors. I think Ritz fans will really like the whole grain crackers. Even folks who don't may, since the overall taste is different. There are a few whole grain crackers that I like, but I'd say that Ritz is as good or better than my favorites, and they are very reasonably priced too. I'll definately continue to buy and serve Ritz Simply Socials.

southern, NC


Whole Grain Crackers


I have always been a big fan of Ritz crackers, because they are perfect for snacking.  Each cracker is crispy and buttery and tastes so good.  This new variety of Ritz is perfect for parties and entertaining.  You get the same flavor of the Ritz you love in a perfect dipping cracker.  Each cracker is rectangle in shape and contains the flavor of whole wheat.  The flavor is light and buttery and very crunchy.  It has a crispy and flaky texture and is perfect for dipping in your favorite spinach dip or you can top them with various meats and cheeses.  These new crackers will be perfect at your next dinner party and are great to snack on.  Each serving is only 70 calories and 3 grams of fat and tastes delicious.

Las Vegas, NV


Ritz - Simply Socials - Whole Wheat

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