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Rite Aid
Rite Aid Loratadine Antihistamine Tablets

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Rite Aid's Loratadine Antihistamine was useless for me! BOOOO!


I am a long time Claritin user and a very "hard sell" when it comes to allergey alternatives or store brand products in general. Rite Aid's Loratadine Antihistamine is a decent product, but it's not as good as the Claritin brands. This was purchase, by my husband, as a "honey do" list item - needless to say I was under impressed. Effectiveness Rite Aid's Loratadine Antihistamine is not as affective as Claritin - okay, actually my husband didn't notice a difference, but from this long time allergy sufferer, I found this to be useless. He felt it worked for him, I found it just made me mad for 24 hours (the amount of time I had to wait to take a Claritin). The pharmacist says these probably didn't work for me, because although the Loratadine is the same, generic brands are mixed with other ingredients and so they can react differently in some people - well...for me it reacted completely worthlessly! Ease of Use Rite Aid's Loratadine Antihistamine pills are easy to swallow because they're super tiny and they "supposedly" last for 24 hours - which is awesome. Immediacy Rite Aid's Loratadine Antihistamine didn't help me immediately or ever. I found these didn't clear up my allergies or hurt them. My husband felt this generic brand worked fine on him within about a 1/2 hour.

Livonia, MI


Loratadine is the best OTC antihistamine I've used


I have a LOT of allergies.  I'm allergic to cats, rabbits (including angora sweaters... very sad!), mold, dust, pollen, pretty much all of the outdoors come springtime, and shellfish.  My allergies were so bad when I was living in northern California that I had to be on 3 allergy medications at the same time!  Thankfully, one of them was Loratadine, which was over the counter.  It was so great to be able to get an over the counter medication that wasn't super expensive!  It works for me, and doesn't make me drowsy (like most allergy medications do).  It's awesome! Pros: Fairly inexpensive (compared to Rx) 24 hours Non-drowsy OTC I don't experience any side effects   Cons: Could be cheaper Takes at least an hour to work - not immediate relief   Loratadine is the first medication I reach for when I start to feel that all too familiar icky feeling that somes from a runny nose, painful/itchy eyes, and the beginning of a headache.  It does the job!

Jackson, WY


Cheap alternative to Claritin


I have suffered from seasonal allergies for quite awhile and they seemed to be getting worse each year.  Both in intensity and the number of times I seemed to develop symptoms.  Many times they develop into a severe sinus infection or do down into my chest and I have a cough much like bronchitis.  I have tried many ways to get better once I am sick, but after going to the doctor 5 times in one year, we discussed the negative impact of constant antibiotics and the need to take other measures.  It was important to find something that would help me manage the allergies before they developed into a more serious condition. What we came up with is Loratadine.  It is the over the counter medicine that can be compared to Claritin.  It is very inexpensive and easy to obtain.  I take one pill every morning.  I have found that I have a very few infections and feel much better over-all.  This has been a much healthier year and I plan to continue with this preventive procedure.

Anaheim, CA


Rite Aid Loratadine Antihistamine Tablets

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