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Rite Aid Complete Allergy Medication Tablets

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So long, sinus headaches!


       Not too many years ago, most sinus medications included pseudoephedrine in their *Active Ingredients* listings.       Then the methamphetamine trade blossomed, and drugmakers regularly emptied store shelves of products containing pseudoephedrine, a vital "cooking" ingredient for meth.  When it became obvious this buying (and stealing) had become a public menace, new laws were passed to limit access to products with pseudoephedrine.     ***But what about US?***     Many sinus-pressure headache sufferers thought then and think now that products containing pseudoephedrine work better for sinus relief than newer alternatives.     I am one of them.       So, while being carded seems weird to me, I'm resigned to showing my ID then signing before I purchase my one-and-only package of **Rite Aid's Ibuprofen Cold & Sinus**.  (Save time and ask for the 40- rather than the 20-pack.)     Apart from the effectiveness of 30mg pseudoephedrine hydrochloride, I am delighted to have a product which **contains ibuprofen rather than acetaminophen** (Tylenol).  *Tylenol* makes me sleepy.  *Ibuprofen* enables me to have a pain-free productive day.  As an anti-inflammatory, nonsteroidal drug, **Rite-Aid Cold & Sinus** completely clears up nasal as well as sinus congestion.     Generally, I try a new product using half the recommended dosage first.  With **Rite-Aid Ibuprofen Cold & Sinus** tablets, I take only one and get at least four hours of relief.  (Directions urge no more than six tablets in a 24 hour period.)  ***Be sure and read directions and caveats on the package before swallowing that tablet!  *** This is my total favorite sinus/cold tablet.  I recommend it heartily.                   

Los Angeles, CA


Rite Aid Complete Allergy Medication Tablets

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