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Rite Aid
Rite Aid Acid Reducer

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Rite Aid Acid Reducer Maimum Strength


For those that use Zantac Maximum Strength 150 mg, there is a cheaper alternative that is just as effective.  It is called Rite Aid Maximum Strength Acid Reducer 150 mg. If you have never taken an acid reducer, this one will start working within 20 minutes, thus giving fast relief.  If you take it prior to eating a food that causes stomach discomfort, it will prevent it.  The medication last 12 hours and you can take up to two pills a day; one every two hours.  If done this way, you can have acid control 24 hours per day.  Which means you can eat what you want and not have to wait for the medication to kick in. Now, if you only want to take it as needed, you can do that as well.  As mentioned, you will have to give it a few minutes to kick in but it is effective and remains effective for 12 hours. The beauty of the Rite Aid brand is that it is at least 1/2 the cost of Zantac.  It is also as effective.  So you can have that needed relief for twice as long for the same price. 

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Rite Aid Acid Reducer

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