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Rimmel London
Rimmel London Volume Flash Waterproof Mascara

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Love this mascara


Aw, I'm so sad that the Rimmel London Volume Flash Waterproof Mascara is discontinued! I am absolutely in love with this mascara because it makes my eyelashes look so long and thick! Also, it doesn't clump and I have no raccoon eyes when wearing this mascara!



The One


**Rimmel London Waterproof Volume Flash Mascara** does what it claims. It thickens eyelashes in just one stroke of the brush. This mascara is not only waterproof, but smudgeproof, sweatproof, and humidityproof. It comes off naturally hours later, though doesn't stick to skin, and sometimes there is even mascara left on my lashes after taking a shower.  Also, no black residue left in the corners of my eyes!

Fort Lauderdale, FL


No more raccon eyes


I am totally amazed by this product. I have very sensitive eyes and they water alot. My neice told me about the eyeliner and mascara products . I can tell you that the waterproof mascara  is a God send to those of us who have watery eyes.  it is a bit pricey but well worth it considering you dont have to reeplace it all the time.

Camp Hill, PA


The best name brand mascara you can buy in the stores.


Rimmel Lodon Waterproof Volume flash mascara is definatley one of the best beauty products I have ever purchased. Not only does it intesify your lashes and make them bolder and thicker, but it also lengthens them nearly five times better than any other mascara brand out there. I especially love this certain brand of mascara because I have always been a fan of all Rimmel London products, and as a beauty queen myself, I love make-up, especially mascara. Also the fact that it is waterproof just makes it ten times better. Girls don't have to worry about their make-up running if they decide they want to take a nice summers' dip in the pool one hot afternoon. They can have fun in the water while still looking fabulous. I definatley reccommend this product for all ages of women, especially teenagers. Also a quick tip for seniors: This mascara is fabulous for wearing to that special end of the year prom. You'll be to die for gorgous when you walk into a room and bat those pretty eyelashes. So go ahead and try this product out, you won't be disappointed!

Schenectady, NY


Rimmel London Volume Flash Waterproof Mascara

5.0 4