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Rimmel London
Rimmel London Sexy Curves Mascara

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I do by this product again and again


I love love Love this mascara, I'm not big with using and eyelash curler, this is the best mascara that can curl my lashes the best. They only problem is that the tube drys out fast


Draper utah

I love this product!


I love Rimmel London Sexy Curves Mascara. For one, the product and packaging is very cute and drew my eye from across the aisle. When I opened up the package, I saw the awesome applicator. The shape allows for no clumps and it helps to separate your lashes. It gave me great volume, length, and did not clump. I could not ask for a better mascara.




One Step Mascara - I normally use two


I have lashes that need to be curled in order to have a nice fluttery effect. Therefore, I usually need to use a normal mascara to build color and top it with a waterproof mascara to hold the curl. However, the Rimmel London Sexy Curves Mascara is awesome in that it's a normal (non-waterproof) formula that applies even color, HOLDS CURL, and does not flake. It's great that I don't have to spend the extra time applying one mascara, waiting for it to dry, and topping it off with another mascara. The curvy brush doesn't do much for the lashes except for when you're trying to get the corner lashes. For that task, this brush is awesome. The last "bulb" on the end gets them coated nicely. Traditional brushes usually have a cone tip that have a bunch of excess product on that end, so when you try to get the corner lashes, it just puts clumps of mascara on them. I also love plastic applicators over the traditional ones, so if you don't like plastic applicators, this mascara may not be for you. I also want to note that I have sensitive eyes, used to be a contact lens wearer, and I am currently a post-Lasik patient. It has never irritated my eyes. I haven't been able to find it in stores lately, which is sad.




Definitely didn't comb through very well.


I was slightly disappointed with this product. I noticed that when I applied the mascara onto my eyelashes, within about a coat or two, my eyelashes would be very dry and looked like spider legs. They were very clumpy, and although I liked how long and thick they were, it wasn't done in a nice way. It just looked very cheap and messy, and the formula was also a bit runny to the point where it got all over my eyelids quite easily. I think this product might work well for certain people, but it wasn't for me.




Rimmel London Sexy Curves Mascara is a hassle!


Besides the pretty, bright purple tube, **Rimmel London Sexy Curves Mascara** doesn't have much going for it. I haven't had much luck with Rimmel London mascara in the past, but this one got decent reviews, so I thought I would chance it. I should have known better. Performance Since this mascara is very hard to apply, I often endure clumps of my lashes sticking together, while some are just fine. It does add some volume and length, but it also flakes a little bit too. SO not worth the hassle of application! Ease of Application The idea of a brush made with bristles that have a curvy design to them, sounded interesting. I'm a sucker for new mascara inventions and I admit, this one looked cool. Well, looks can be deceiving! Those "cool" curvy bristles jack up my mascara routine. You see, the part of your lashes that gets the outer part of the brush gets all the product, and the lashes that get the grooved, inner part of the brush, get screwed! That makes me have to go over my lashes several times to make sure all lashes are evenly coated, but then too much gets on because SOME of my lashes got enough the first time. It's the lashes that got screwed on the first application that require a second, so if you have the patience to go through SOME of your lashes with the tip of the brush, have at it!


Camp Lejeune, NC


Sexy Curves Mascara gives me sexy fully lashes


I absolutely love this mascara. Hands down this is probably one of the only mascaras I'll use. For being an asian I can say that I do have pretty long lashes that do curl and stay very easily. Usually I only need a light hand when using this mascara because it makes my lashes look amazing with very little. The formula doesn't way down my lashes after they have been curled which is a huge plus, but it also doesn't clump my lashes. The only thing this product does is makes my lashes look more defined and longer if I apply two coats. The way the brush is designed looks really cool, but i don't think that it effects the way your lashes will turn out. I like that the brush doesn't hold too much product when you pull it out of the tube which is a huge plus because I don't have to spend time scraping the sides to lessen the amount and I know it won't over clump my lashes making them look spidery. I would recommend this product to anyone, long lashes, short lashes, thick or thin. Though I must say this product doesn't enhance any curls or thicken lashes. It's just a great mascara to define your lashes, but it will not magically make your straight lashes curl, you need a eyelash curler for that and it will not make you have super thick lashes.


Bloomington, CA


Great, my current favorite


I think it definately does its job. I love how extremely black it is and how lengthing it makes my eyelashes look. I have really short upper eyelashes and my mascara holds throughout the day. I never get clumps and most people don't even know that I have mascara on because I don't get any clumps at all. It dries really fast so I never end up getting mascara on my lids right after applying it. I always like to wait for it to dry and reapply one more time. I don't really have any problems with it, but at times my eyes feel a little irritated from the plastic wand. I overall really like to buy Rimmel mascara when it comes to drugstore products. I love the darkness of the black they have, while some other products turn out greyish looking. I think it would be necessary for me to buy a wand without the plastic material, that way I can switch of whenever I feel irriated. I like the plastic wand because it applies very little at a time, which doesn't really leave much clumping in my opinion. That way you can slowly add on.


San Francisco, CA


Rimmel Mascara clumps and dries out


Rimmel mascara is not that great. I believe it is a new product on the makeup market but others still have it beat. I bought this mascara because  i had a coupon for it and wanted to try it. I seen all the tv ads and thought it may be good. It has a tendacy to clump on your lashes and in about a months time i was trying to put on dried out mascara. It doesnt make your lashes any longer or fuller than others. My daughter actually took over mine and she didnt like it either. I have tried many different mascaras that say they are better, fuller, longer etc. but I keep going back to my pink tube of maybelline. Rimmel was very hard to wash off also. It seems to be sticky and wants to stay on! For the price you pay, you should really buy a better one.  We all have our picks and i would not buy this product again for myself or for a friend. You can get plenty of coupons for this mascara, but maybe thats why, It is not a great quality to put on your eyelashes!


Rincon, GA


Sexy Curves Mascara makes my eyes pop like a superstar!!!!


I was looking for a mascara to wear when I did not have on fake lashes. I decided to give Sexy Curves a try and loved it. It gives me the legth I want without the glue and time needed to put on the my fake lashes. I have had trouble with remove of some of the other mascaras I have tried but with one or two swipes it is off and I am off to bed. With this  product it is so simple to apply I only need one coat to get the look I am going for in the daytime and maybe two coats for my evening or date night look. All in all I must say Sexy Curves Mascara is a great product to help you pull off any look you are going for with the glue, fake lashes, mess, and time...........This is a great buy....and the price is a steal.


Killeen, TX


Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara: buy it, you'll love it!


I've been using Rimmel Sexy Curves for over 2 years now. I've paid a lot more for mascara, but have never used one I like more than this one. Excellent coverage, definition. Easy to find in retailers like Wal-Mart, etc. All You magazine has good coupons for Rimmel products several times a year. Haven't even paid the low everyday price in over a year by using coupons!


Arden, NC


Rimmel London Sexy Curves Mascara

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