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Rimmel London
Rimmel London Lasting Finish Mineral Powder Foundation

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Before i put on my face powder i usually apply this first. It gives you that smooth flawless finish that i love. and you can you it both ways. You can open it and use the loose powder or shake it and use it through the puff. It lasts long and works great.

Schenectady, NY


Rimmel London Lasting Finish Menral Powder Foundation is Average


While I don't wear too much makeup, foundation is my weakness. I suffer from severe dark circles no matter how many hours of sleep I get. I like light foundations that come in an ivory light enough for my skin tone. I saw this foundation on sale and figured I'd give it a try. While the product is awesome, the packaging is far from it. I could barely get any foundation to come through the pads even with the strategically placed holds under the padding. I ended up having to unscrew the lid and dip it in the powder and then apply it to my face. I liked the foundation. It was light and relatively inexpensive when caught on sale, but I really could not stand that bottle. Powder inevitably got over my hands, counters, etc. when the bottle was opened leaving me with a mess to clean up. I would give this product five stars were it not for the packaging because the makeup itself was so great. So I guess it boils down to amazing products and thoughtless packaging techniques.

Saint Petersburg, FL


Great for a quick touch up.


  When I first saw this foundation I thought the concept of having the applicator attatched directly to the powder was wonderful. You just pop off the cap and voila, a quick flawless foundation. I knew I had to try it because I hate having messy powder on my counter after I apply make-up.   After using it regularly, I can honestly say the coverage is not that great. If your looking for stand alone foundation this is not your product. I apply it over light foundation and it looks good. The conveinence factor on this is outstanding. I throw it in my purse and apply as needed. Just understand that it is more of a shine reducer than anything.  I don't think I would describe it as "Lasting Finish".  I did buy another one after my first one was almost used up. I just couldn't help it. It's so handy. I would also like to point out that the applicator unscrews from the container and is secured by a small clear sticker (underneath is all the powder). This can unscrew accidentally when you are taking the cap off of the product. If your not paying attention, you can make a little mess.

Mont Alto, PA


Rimmel London Lasting Finish Mineral Powder Foundation

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