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Rimmel London
Rimmel London I Love Lasting Finish - All Shades

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The longest lasting nail varnish I've ever bought.


Today is the 4th day I've been wearing this nail varnish and I'm really shocked at how well it has stayed on as normally, nail varnish doesn't last more than a day without chipping on me. I rarely ever review anything, but I just wanted to say that it is worth the money at only £2.92 at Boots when I got it. I'll definitely be buying this product again as they have a good choice of colours - I bought mine in the shade, 'Your Majesty (239)'. Thanks, bye.  :D


New York, NY


Love it!


So, here is what you need to know about Rimmel...they are customer/shopper/consumer friendly. A. They are ALWAYS putting coupons in the Sunday paper, faithfully. Makes for some great discounts when the stores run sales and/or on sets of products. They also combine package products alllllllllllllll the time. Like you can get two polishes or a polish and liner as a value pack. Great idea! So, this nail polish works very well and the color is super true to shade in the glass. You will not have to worry about it changing up on you like a lot of even high end pigments can. What you see is pretty much what you will get. The brush is great and if you go at a nice slow speed, you will not have gapping or a lot of run off. Take it one coat at a time because it it thicker than most typical formulas. You do not want to over clump and get bubbles or warping so it peels faster. Give it time to semi dry between coats and all should be fine!


Stafford, TX


Rimmel Nail Polish lasts well


This is a good quality nail varnish, especially for one so readily available from the drug store. I have had bad luck with many drug store brands, but Rimmel's nail polishes always serve me well. The lasting finish is a good touch, because these polishes really do last. I've had coats (with a clear under- and over-coat) last for six days with only one chip where I had a run-in with a soda bottle. It's not like I was trying to take it easy on my nails either, so this was really impressive. Usually it lasts 3-4 days without much chipping but can go longer if you're really lucky. The color applies thickly and evenly. This is made all the easier because of the extra-wide brush, which covers the entire nail in maybe two swipes. Sometimes I'll need a couple more, but that's because I've got bad aim. Anyway, this polish comes in a small variety of colors but all of those colors are very bold and interesting. I have turquoise, black and grey polishes by Rimmel which are great and can coordinate nicely with an outfit for a glamorous night out, or just for fun during the week. I fully intend to buy more because I like this line of polishes and trust in their quality.


Chicago, IL


Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro nail polish, a good buy


This Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro nail polish is very nice. I have the #240 English Rose color which is kind of like a slighty dusty rose color. The application brush is awesome, thicker than any other nail polish I have tried so it brushes on very smoothly and more quickly than the usual smaller brushes. I was able to get this on sale and with a coupon so i got a very good deal. i will definitely be looking for more of this brand on sale to get more colors. It dries quickly and very glossy. The color is very thick, not real drippy like some other cheaper brands I've used. Also the thickness makes for easy spreading on your nails, just one coat does nicely--which is good for this busy mom. The bottle says it lasts "up to 10 days" and in my experience it's impossible for any nail polish to last that long but i think it does a good job, above average I would say. I'm pleased with Rimmel and will be expanding my color collection with more of this brand.


Dalton, MN


Rimmel London Lasting finish has cool colors


I love nail polish, I am always buying nail polish from cheap to high end. Just based on the colors available I will buy what looks catching to the eye. im a sucker for bright vivid colors, I have this Rimmel london lasting finish nail polish in cerise eclipsenumber 290. It is a hot pink color. It is not garish pink. I honestly do not like pinks, but this is an edgy hot pink, not a girly hot pink. The colors in this particular line, the lasting finish, there are a loty of cool hip colors available. This nail polish , like many others, claim to be long lasting, well this holds up pretty good. It does chip right away and lasts for a few days. I am looking forward to tryong out more of their cool colors. Im pretty happy with this one. I am also a fan of the other rimmel london products. Their rimmel london underground line also has some cool nail polishes, but it seems not all stores carry that line, you have to go to a drugstore.


Colton, CA


Rimmel London I Love Lasting Finish - All Shades

4.6 5