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Rimmel London
Rimmel London French White Tip Pro

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Rimmel French White Tip Pro is easy to use!


I love to have a pedicure done, but when my husband was laid off earlier this year, I had to find ways to cut back that this was one luxury we could no longer afford.  A couple of months ago I had a coupon for Rimmel nail polish and paired it with a store sale to get 2 polishes for free!  I decided that I had nothing to lose by trying it.  I never imagined that I could do my own french manicure.  I don't have very steady hands and painting my own toes can be tricky!  LOL!  I have been thrilled with the results however.  The brush is very narrow and designed to make it easy to create the white tip on your nails.  The trickiest part is to not try to apply too much as once so that it does not go on too thick.  And you must work fast enough on each nail that it does not dry too quickly.  I then follow up with a coat of Rimmel French Manicure Pro in French Rose shade over top the entire nail.  My friends and coworkers are always asking where I get my pedicures done!  It looks great and I am saving money!

Thousand Oaks, CA


Rimmel London French White Tip Pro

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