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Rimmel London
Rimmel London Cool Matte 16 Hour Mousse Foundation

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Makeup in a New Age, Rimmel Cool Matte, 16thr mousse foundation


***Cool matte 16 hr Mousse Foundation Available** **in 10 shades.*** So many exceptional benefits from this product.   I live in southern Calif where the temperatures can clime into the 90's on a good day.    Be it your posture or makeup showing the discomfort, wilted, feeling and looking hot.  Aqua COOL formula fights the signs of heat and humidity to prevent a shine coming thru to give you away.  A  new technology in Transfer-resistance products with makeup that can keep that glow on, and a cooling sensation that stays fresh on your face all-day. "The manufacturers won't exactly divulge the secret of transfer resistance. t. foundation - but they will reveal that a special mix of non-greasy oils moisturize your face, while polymers 'fix' your foundation, and a special, fluid ingredient lets the foundation move with Air-light texture blends easily onto skin for even, flawless skin.  This is a product for those of us with blemished, spotted,or uneven skin.  True color coverage at a reasonable price and worth every cent.

Chula Vista, CA


This foundation was not the greatest- I would rate it a C


Trying to find a perfect mousse foundation for my skin color and skin is sorta hard, the only perfect mousse foundation that has never really dissapointed me was Maybelline. With Rimmel mousse foundation the shades were hard to match my skin and when I would by a shade like Beige to try and blen it with my winter skin and my tan summer skin it would not blend well. Also I bought some other shade in the Rimmel mousse foundation and the shade was some where between the beige family it looked light colored in the pot but when applied on my face it turned orange and dark. for those problems I have had with this product I just dont like rimmel mousse a whole lot. and again with the packaging my fingers and sponge gets kinda messy trying to dip into the pot and scoop out the foundation. not a big fan on that. The price is ok I think 8 -9 bucks per a foundation for Rimmel. I usually buy rimmel when its on sale. so this mousse foundation did not work out for me. I will not be buying again

Glen Burnie, MD


Rimmel London Cool Matte 16 Hour Mousse Foundation

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