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Rilastil Suncare Lotion To Intensify and Prolong Suntan

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this product is awesome!


This product is absolutely amazing. I think it is excellent! It protects you from the suns rays better than any other suntan lotion. I feel that I could stay outside ALL DAY and I would not be harmed in any way. It is waterproof and awesome. everything about it is great and I love it. This product is the absolute BEST!!!


York New Salem, PA


DOn't like it...


I don't have a very good review for this product. To me it felt greasy and I really didn't enjoy the smell at all. It was like you had applied baby oil all over your skin. Even the next morning after awakening I still felt awful and it took me 2 baths to get it off.


Manchester, KY


This works the best!


This produst is amazing. I tell all my friends about it! I've tried other products in the past, and nothing seemed to work well for me. Then my mom, of all people, told me she bought the Rilastil Suncare and Lotion to make her tan last longer, and that I have to try it out for myself. The price is so reasonable that I took her up on her advice. She was right! It worked great and I still my tan!


Saint Louis, MO


Rilastil Suncare Lotion To Intensify and Prolong Suntan

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